How Hard Is The CompTIA A+ Exam?

How Hard Is The CompTIA A+ Exam? 3 Tips to Ace CompTIA A+

CompTIA A+ is a foundational or entry-level certification for individuals looking to start a career in Information Technology or enhance their IT skills. It is a foundational certification that validates a candidate’s understanding of essential IT concepts and practical skills, making it valuable for those seeking entry-level positions such as help desk analyst or technical support roles.

CompTIA A+ exam is normally considered moderately difficult, but people with prior knowledge and experience in the IT field find it easy to pass in their first attempt.

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How Hard Is The CompTIA A+ Exam? Factors That Make.

Some factors can contribute to the difficulty of the CompTIA A+ exam:

1. Memorization Requirements Of The A+

Candidates need to memorize significant information to succeed in the CompTIA A+ exam. The CompTIA A+ certification includes various topics, including hardware components, software configurations, troubleshooting procedures, and more. Memorization is essential for recalling specific details during the exam, such as technical specifications, commands, and procedures.

2. Large Amount Of Information To Cover

The CompTIA A+ certification encompasses a vast body of knowledge related to IT fundamentals. Candidates must understand hardware, software, operating systems, networking, security, and troubleshooting concepts. The absolute volume of information can be overwhelming, especially for those new to the field, and mastering each topic demands comprehensive study and preparation.

3. Time Constraints And Pressure To Pass

The A+ exam is subject to time constraints, meaning candidates must answer many questions within a specified timeframe. This adds a layer of pressure during the exam, requiring knowledge and the ability to manage time effectively. The pressure to pass can be heightened by the diverse question formats, including multiple-choice, performance-based, and simulations, making time management crucial for success.

3 Tips To Pass CompTIA A+ Exam

There are three tips to help you ease the challenges of this exam.

1. Study Consistently

Consistent and regular study is a key to completing the CompTIA A+ exam. Rather than cramming information at the last minute, create a study schedule that spans several weeks or months before the exam. Break down the exam objectives into manageable sections and assign specific times for studying each topic. This approach helps retain information better, reduces stress, and allows for a deeper understanding of the material. Consistent study habits build a strong foundation of knowledge, making it easier to recall information during the exam and easily answer CompTIA exam questions.

2. Analyze Multiple Resources

Utilize a wide range of study materials to cover all aspects of the exam. This could include textbooks, online courses, video tutorials, practice exams, and virtual labs. Different resources provide different perspectives and depth of coverage, helping you better understand the CompTIA A+ exam topics. Additionally, practice exams can help you familiarize yourself with the exam format and determine areas where you need further study.

3. Time Management

Effective time management is critical when taking the CompTIA A+ exam. Since the exam has a time limit, it’s essential to practice answering questions within the allocated time during your preparation. Take practice exams to simulate the actual testing environment and improve your ability to answer questions swiftly and accurately. Identify any sections where you may be spending too much time and adjust your approach accordingly. Having a good sense of time during the exam ensures you can address all questions and allocate sufficient time to more challenging sections. Time management is a valuable skill that contributes significantly to exam success. The time limit on the CompTIA A+ test is 90 minutes.

How Long Does It Take To Study For CompTIA A+ Exam?

Two separate exams are part of the CompTIA A+ certification exam: 

1. CompTIA A+ Core 1 

This exam includes network troubleshooting, networking technology, mobile devices, hardware, virtualization, and cloud computing topics.

2. CompTIA A+ Core 2 

The second part of the certification exam focuses on operating systems, security, software troubleshooting, and operational procedures.

These two exams cover a wide range of IT fundamentals, comprehensively assessing a candidate’s knowledge and skills. So, the amount of time it takes to study for the CompTIA A+ exam can vary significantly depending on factors such as your prior experience in IT, your familiarity with the exam objectives, and the amount of time you can dedicate to studying each day. 

1. Beginners With Limited IT Background

If you are relatively new to IT and have limited experience with hardware, software, and networking concepts, it’s recommended to allot at least 3-6 months of consistent study. This allows for a thorough understanding of the CompTIA A+ exam objectives, hands-on practice, and the reinforcement of key concepts.

2. Intermediate IT Professionals

The preparation time may be shorter for individuals with IT experience or education. A 1-3 month timeframe might be sufficient to review and fill in any knowledge gaps, focusing on specific areas outlined in the exam objectives.

3. Experienced IT Professionals

Those with extensive experience in IT may require a shorter preparation period, potentially ranging from a few weeks to a couple of months. In this case, the emphasis would be on refreshing knowledge, familiarizing oneself with the exam format, and focusing on any areas that may have evolved since their last study or work in the field.

Creating a study plan that aligns with your schedule and learning style is crucial. Breaking down the exam objectives into smaller sections, setting realistic goals, and consistently reviewing and practicing the material can contribute to a more effective and efficient study process. As mentioned above, taking practice tests to assess your readiness and identify areas for improvement is highly recommended.

Is CompTIA A+ Certification Worth It?

The A+ certification is recognized globally, providing industry-standard validation and serving as a stepping stone for career advancement and further specialized certifications in the IT field.

Yet, the value of the CompTIA A+ certification depends on your career goals, current skill level, and the specific requirements of the job market or industry you are targeting. Here are some factors to consider when determining if the CompTIA A+ certification is worth pursuing:

1. Entry-Level Positions

The A+ certification is widely recognized and often considered a baseline qualification for entry-level positions in IT, such as help desk support, technical support, and desktop support. The A+ certification can be highly valuable and enhance your employability if you want to start your career in these roles.

2. Industry Recognition

CompTIA is a well-respected organization in the IT industry, and its certifications, including A+, are recognized globally. The A+ certification on your resume can demonstrate to employers that you have a foundational understanding of IT concepts and are committed to professional development.

3. Skill Validation

The A+ certification validates a broad range of IT skills. This certification provides a credential and signifies a practical understanding of essential IT principles.

4. Career Advancement

While the A+ certification is commonly associated with entry-level positions, it can also benefit individuals seeking to advance their careers within IT. It serves as a solid foundation for more advanced certifications and can open doors to networking, security, or system administration opportunities.

5. Job Requirements

Some employers specifically require or prefer candidates with CompTIA A+ certification for certain roles.

6. Versatility

The A+ certification is vendor-neutral, not bound to a specific technology or product. This makes it versatile and applicable across different IT environments, enhancing its value in various job roles.


In conclusion, the CompTIA A+ certification holds significant value for individuals aiming to establish a career in IT or enhance their existing skills. Recognized globally, it is a foundational certification, making it particularly beneficial for those targeting entry-level positions in IT support. Despite its moderate difficulty, the A+ certification provides an opportunity for career advancement and serves as a stepping stone for pursuing more specialized certifications. Achieving success in this exam is possible through dedicated online study, utilizing a variety of online resources, and efficiently managing time. Additionally, engaging in online classes and utilizing online exam and class-taker services can significantly aid in preparing for and excelling in the CompTIA A+ certification process.


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