Concerning company terms and conditions, a few disclaimers must be kept in mind before ordering from us. We mentioned them here in detail to read before purchasing our services. In case of any ambiguity, you can ask your queries to the customer support department. We won’t be liable if you missed any important part.

  1. The customer isn’t allowed to create multiple accounts. He/she is expected to use the profile that placed the first order. The Company reserves the right to merge all the accounts and update the history accordingly, if in case of multiple accounts.
  2. The customer is allowed to change the details regarding the work by contacting the support staff. However, if the changes affect the urgency, complexity, or volume of the work, the customer might be asked to make an additional payment.
  3. The Customer is asked to upload sources if required in the work when he/she places the order. If the Customer provides the source late, additional or more time may be required to complete the order than usual.
  4. The Company is responsible for the timely delivery of the order. In case, additional time is required to complete any order, communication will be initiated by the Support Staff to the customer, this delay could be caused by the task’s complexity. In case of a technical issue on the customer end resulting in a delay in downloading the paper, the company isn’t held responsible for it.
  5. The Company observes the letter to copyright laws. Any activity undertaken by the customer, he/she is held responsible for it if in case of a violation.
  6. Upon acceptance of the Terms & Conditions, the agreement overrules verbal and written communication or agreements between both parties.
  7. To assure privacy and protection, the company uses a safe online payment system. We don’t store customers’ billing information in any way and strongly advised our customers never to share their billing details, not even with the company’s staff.
  8. Once the customer places an order or the order is in process, the company will reach him by phone or E-mail. The Company won’t disclose or sell the customer’s information without their consent unless required.
  9. The company doesn’t liable for the information available directly to the company’s tutors
  10. It is advisable by the Company that the customer should be sure to keep his login details confidential.
  11. We use cookies and web beacons along with other technologies that have a function to record visits, navigation, and behaviors of users of our site as well as help us to know our website performance.
  12. We use data analytics tools to collect aggregated and anonymous data related to our site, including the number of visitors, the time they spend on our website, and their navigational activities.
  13. We aren’t liable once you link to a third party, it’s your sole responsibility to inform yourself regarding the privacy policy that may or may not exist.
  14. We offer services to only adults of the age of 18 only. Our Company does not allow individuals under this age to use our app or site, as we do not collect any personal information about children. In case of a suspect against any user who is under the age of 18, we might ask for age proof before allowing us to continue our services.
  15. On acceptance of the Terms & Conditions of the agreement by the customer, the Customer agrees not to hold the Company, its shareholders, employees, representatives, company’s affiliates, directors, advertising agencies, subsidiaries, promotion, any third-party providers or data, and legal advisers liable for any losses and actions of any sort, arising from or related to Products/services.
  16. Customers should accept that the company can modify or change the Terms & Conditions in the agreement at any time. For this reason, they are strongly advised to check the Terms & Conditions pages on regular basis.
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