Buy Best Ashford PSY 301 Week 1 Quiz

Buy Best Ashford PSY 301 Week 1 Quiz

  1. If a researcher wants to examine the relationship between room temperature and student test grades, the best method to use is the ______________ method.
  2. A research team conducted a study on aggression, using a sample of students from a private school for girls. Because this sample was not representative of most students, one of the main concerns about the study has to do with the study’s
  3. In a study by Seepersad and colleagues (2008), young adults in Korea reported greater closeness to their partners than their U.S. counterparts.
  4. Which of these questions would best be answered by a social psychologist?
  5. The day after a devastating tornado ravaged her town, Amanda said, “When I woke up yesterday, I knew something bad was going to happen”. Amanda’s statement is an example of
  6. Prof. Sadri conducted a study to test whether music caused plants to grow faster. Fifty plants were placed in one room, where no music was played and fifty plants were placed in another room, where music was played 12 hours a day. In this study, the independent variable was the
  7. The society for the psychological study of social issues, which focuses on problems such as poverty and discrimination, was started with the help of
  8. In order to learn about human beings, social psychologists use
  9. Norman Triplett studied the effect of others on individual action, by observing people while they were
  10. During the last few decades, social psychology has increased its focus on the study of
  11. A person’s _________ is their sense of how capable they are to complete a task or accomplish a goal.
  12. Ceasar, an engineer, is experiencing ego depletion. Because of this, it is likely that Caesar
  13. An individual who believes events and outcomes are NOT primarily contingent on their own actions probably has a(n)
  14. Shakespeare once said, “all the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”
    This statement is consistent with Goffman’s dramaturgical approach.
  15. Philip boasts about how many friends he has on Facebook; he is also known to cheat on exams at school. These behaviors may tell us little about his ___________ but are likely to tell us much about his ______________.
  16. People are most likely to be highly motivated when they have a balance between a _______ and ____________.
  17. Humans have different views of themselves and these different selves can lead to different feelings or emotions.
  18. Research shows that people are more likely to recall birthdays that are close in time to their own birthday. These findings are an example of the
  19. Leslie is a new inductee into her sorority. When she attended the initiation ceremony, she went out of her way to compliment the sorority president on her speaking ability, academic accomplishments, and even her wardrobe. Leslie’s behavior is an example of
  20. _______________ is to feel good about oneself as _______________ is to focus on one’s negative qualities.
  21. ____________ is to gender as _____________ is to sex.
  22. Shame is to _____________ culture as anger is to _____________ culture.
  23. Men’s desire for attractive partners may be the result of _________________, according to evolutionary theory.
  24. Cross-cultural research on sexual relations shows that men and women do NOT differ with respect to
  25. __________ react more negatively than _______ when they believe their personal space has been or will be invaded.
  26. Culture is a social phenomenon, and does not influence the structure of our brains.
  27. When responding to the question “Who am I?”, Lisa, a Chinese student, replies, “I am a daughter and a neighbor.” Lisa’s response exhibits the ____________ nature of her culture.
  28. In feminine cultures, both men and women are socialized to be modest and tender.
  29. Your text cites the research and belief by ____________ that gender differences are the result of adaptive challenges throughout history.
  30. Based on the uncertainty avoidance norms of the country, who are more likely to become angry when a neighbor does not greet them in their customary fashion?

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