Buy Best CJUS 630 Quiz 1

Buy Best CJUS 630 Quiz 1

  1. Attempting to hook the person into a(n) ________ is one of the goals of a crisis transaction.
  2. In terms of mediating a crisis, our cognitive and emotional coping mechanisms are referred to as
  3. Release of which hormone by the hypothalamus partly initiates the fight-or-flight response?
  4. According to Cox and Mackay, when a person reaches a point where their response to a stressful situation is at its maximum point, they are said to have reached the
  5. Which offender response mode is typically demonstrated by an offender who perceives themselves as being in control and the circumstances as predictable?
  6. A classification system for various types of crises can facilitate each of the following EXCEPT ________.
  7. During the L.A. riots of 1992, the LAPD was accused of purposefully avoiding the ________ component of the crisis intervention continuum.
  8. When the stress of a parent’s job has a negative impact on their relationship with their child, this dynamic is described by Bronfenbrenner as the
  9. A loss of equilibrium necessitates ________.
  10. Discuss the three ego states of Transactional Analysis, along with their various sub-components.
  11. Which internal system’s function is often described as “rest-and-digest”?
  12. Each of the following is a goal of communication for police officers EXCEPT ________.
  13. Which of the following operates on a purely cognitive level, and is tasked with mediating and problem-solving in a rational manner?
  14. Which active listening technique invites a person in crisis to continue talking without giving the appearance that interrogation is underway?
  15. According to Selye’s General Adaptation Syndrome, once the initial surge of energy from the fight-or-flight response recedes, the individual enters the ________ stage.
  16. Discuss the functions and interactions of the HPA axis during the stress response.
  17. Attempting to control an exchange by leading the other person into responding from a more desirable ego state is also known as
  18. In most cases, before a crisis is de-escalated, it must be ________.
  19. Which of Bronfenbrenner’s systems influences a child indirectly from beyond the child’s immediate environment?
  20. Discuss the impact of control and predictability on the level of stress experienced in a crisis situation.
  21. Which of the following internal systems is responsible for the “fight-or-flight” response?
  22. According to Dr. Eric Berne, people tend to shift between ego states during communication depending on their stated ________ for the exchange.
  23. According to Cox and Mackay’s transactional model of stress, which of the following individuals would fit the “survival mode”?
  24. Which federal agency was formed in 1979 to undertake the primary responsibility of disaster response and preparedness?
  25. Intervention becomes necessary when ________ becomes stressed to the point of dysfunction.

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