Buy Best EDCO 790 Quiz 1

Buy Best EDCO 790 Quiz 1

  • Zebras exemplify that stress responses
  • What is the first step toward developing heart disease from chronic stress?
  • According to Levers, what percentage of people exposed to a traumatic event develop PTSD?
  • What is cited as the key to managing stress?
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  • Which of the following is NOT a core symptom of PTSD?
  • A physiological change unique to PTSD compared to other anxiety disorders is
  • Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) was first included as a diagnosis in the
  • Which is NOT one of the chemicals identified by Sapolsky as a “workhorse” during stress response?
  • Which is NOT a function of the sympathetic nervous system?
  • At the time when Sapolsky researched his work, studies on the effects of childhood stress on adults were
  • How is appetite affected by stress response?
  • The blocking of physical pain in the short term when under severe stress is referred to as
  • Trauma, PTSD, and substance abuse overlap in the following ways, EXCEPT
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome is related to the following, EXCEPT
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  • Helping individuals understand that what they are experiencing is not unusual is:
  • Which is NOT one of the stress-response stages theorized by Selye?
  • When a trauma survivor makes a connection between events that are not really connected, the person is engaging in
  • Contemporary trauma theory departs from Freud’s model in that _________ is emphasized over repression.
  • Which of the following disease is NOT discussed by Sapolsky as influenced by chronic stress?
  • The brain’s fight-or-flight response is activated by
  • With the onset of stress, the immune system is
  • Which of the following is NOT true:
  • Briere and Scott’s definition of trauma differs from the DSM’s in that they
  • These stress-related gastrointestinal disorders are described by Sapolsky, EXCEPT
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  • Which of the following is most accurate, according to Sapolsky?

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