Buy Best EDUC 201 Quiz 4

Buy Best EDUC 201 Quiz 4


  1. Identify the instructional strategy that recognizes students’ varying background knowledge, learning profiles, abilities, interests, and language.
  2. Which term describes students with disabilities who participate in general education classes for the entire school day?
  3. The U.S. Department of Education estimates that this percentage of the U.S. student population is considered gifted.
  4. Both students with disabilities and students who are considered gifted and talented are considered exceptional learners.
  5. The junior high model as referred to in the text consists of which grade levels?
  6. refers to the instructional materials and activities that make learning goals achievable for individuals with wide differences in ability.
  7. Recent research has provided evidence that the transition to a 6-7-8 middle school has shown greater achievement scores compared to the same-aged peers in K-8 schools.
  8. The field of special education focuses on the services and instructional practices needed by students with disabilities.
  9. Under IDEA there are ______ different categories in which a student is eligible to receive protections and services.
  10. In 1999, charter schools represented 1% of public schools; today they represent
  11. Which court case ruled in favor of the right of Washington state high school administrators to discipline a student for delivering a campaign speech that was full of sexual innuendo at a school assembly?
  12. The U.S. Department of Education and the __________ have produced a guide to help schools create a climate of school safety.
  13. School programs that help students to develop social and emotional skills have been shown to be effective in preventing violence, substance abuse, and related problems and in helping students succeed academically
  14. Which program enables schools to identify the specific types of support that struggling students require and to provide support when it is needed?
  15. Under federal law, once an individual turns eighteen years old, parents have no inherent right to inspect their child’s educational record.
  16. In 1999, an estimated 850,000 U.S. students between the ages of 5 and 17 were being homeschooled. By 2014, the number of homeschooled children has
  17. The universally agreed-upon answer to the question of who is gifted is IQ.
  18. Identify the term that refers to individuals’ abilities to manage their emotions, make responsible decisions, establish positive relationships, and handle challenging situations effectively.
  19. Under IDEA, each student with a disability must be provided with a learning plan, called
  20. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that students who had a violation of their privacy were entitled to collecting monetary damages from educational institutions.
  21. Identify the Amendment of the U.S. Constitution that protects the due process rights of teachers.
  22. At the present moment, it is clear that the middle school model is optimal in meeting the needs of early adolescents.
  23. Until what age can students who receive special education services attend public schools?
  24. Which federal law requires educational agencies and institutions to protect the confidentiality of students’ educational records?
  25. A teaching method that engages students in an extended inquiry into complex, realistic questions as they work in teams and create presentations to share what they have learned is called project-based learning.

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