Buy Best GEOG 410 Quiz 6 Geographic Theory

Buy Best GEOG 410 Quiz 6 Geographic Theory

GEOG 410 Quiz 6: Geographic Theory and Area Analysis

Module 6: Week 6.

  • A potential flashpoint or frontier between Vietnam, China, Taiwan, and even the Philippines could be over the oil-rich:
  • The video professor says China with a “belt and road” initiative today is the following:
  • Frontiers according to the video professor can be defined as:
  • The terracentric geographic theorist responsible for the “heartland theory” would be:
  • The three original AORs (Areas of Responsibility) used during World War II included:
  • Areas of concern for territorial limits at sea and the exclusive economic zones would be:
  • A key area of contention between the Nation-States of India, Pakistan, and perhaps even China today would be over the control of water in:
  • The largest of the unified commands today is:
  • According to the professor in the video, a frontier can be defined for the purposes of this class as:
  • The Aerocentric theorist who in 1921 predicted in his book Command of the Air prophesied and laid the foundation for strategic bombing concepts was:
  • How does the map of the geographic combat commands past or present reflect the importance to the United States or lack thereof in certain areas and how are the influences of various geographic theorists revealed or lacking?

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