Buy Best GOVT 210 Quiz 2

Buy Best GOVT 210 Quiz 2

  • According to Hobbes, which of the following causes quarrels in the state of nature?
  • John Locke argued that the most important role of government is to protect
  • Which of the following best describes Machiavelli’s economy of violence theory?
  • The roots of all Western political thought are found in which of the following philosophical camps:
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  • According to Romans 13, the government comes from:
  • Jean-Jacques Rousseau advocated for what type of government?
  • Machiavelli’s theory is considered:
  • John Locke advocated for what type of government?
  • Political theorists who are less interested in the way politics “ought” to be and more interested in studying politics as it is actually practiced follow this approach.
  • Thomas Hobbes argues that life in the precontract state was
  • For Plato, the tyrant represents the worst form of justice because the tyrant
  • Machiavelli proposes that the prince who possesses the strength of a lion and the cunning of a fox will be able to control the people through the use of:
  • This political theorist argued that political power should be viewed as a means to prevent chaos and warfare.
  • Which best describes John Locke’s view of the precontract state?
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  • Aristotle does not as vigorously advocate for one particular system of government over another. He instead advocates combining different forms of government into one government. This is better known as Aristotle’s
  • Christians are obligated to pay taxes according to Scripture.
  • Why did Machiavelli advise that leaders should create a state religion?
  • Aristotle argues that there are three distinct forms of human communities that naturally evolve into more complex social arrangements. What are the three human communities according to Aristotle?
  • The ancient political theory of Plato and Aristotle often focused on an understanding of justice to help explain politics, whereas the modern political theory of Machiavelli and Hobbes focuses on the concept of
  • In The Republic, Plato argues that the guardians should rule the republic. Which three traits should a person have before entering the guardian class?

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