Buy Best HLTH 503 Quiz 2

Buy Best HLTH 503 Quiz 2



HLTH 503 Quiz 2: Ratios, Proportions, and Rates

  1. True or False? The incidence rate of a disease is defined as the number of new cases of the disease over a time period divided by the total population (at risk) during the same time period times a multiplier (e.g. 100,000).
  2. True or False? Certain diseases can occur more than once in the same individual during a stated period of time. Repeated cases of the disease have no effect on incidence rates.
  3. True or False? The point prevalence of a disease is defined as the number of persons ill divided by the total number in the group at a point in time.
  4. True or False? A prerequisite for using direct age adjustment is that the age-specific death rates in the study population must be stable.
  5. Successful treatment programs that would shorten the duration of disease primarily affect:
  6. True or False? The proportional mortality ratio (%) is defined as the mortality due to a specific cause during a time period divided by the mortality due to all causes during the same time period times 100.
  7. True or False? Calculation of the standardized mortality ratio is an example of the direct method of age adjustment.
  8. True or False? When the duration of the disease becomes short and the incidence is high, the prevalence becomes similar to the incidence.
  9. The incidence of the disease is five times greater in men than in women, but the prevalence shows no sex difference. The most likely explanation is that:
  10. An epidemiologic survey of roller-skating injuries in Metroville, a city with a population of 100,000 (during the midpoint of the year), produced the following data for a particular year:
  11. The risk of acquiring a given disease during a time period is best determined by:
  12. The major disadvantage of crude rates is that:
  13. True or False? Health phenomena may show cyclic variations in a person’s response to temporary stressors.
  14. Which of the following statements most accurately expresses the breeder hypothesis for schizophrenia?
  15. Descriptive epidemiology has the following characteristics (Choose the incorrect option):
  16. Which of Mill’s four canons suggests that there is an association between the frequency of disease and the potency of a causative factor?
  17. True or False? Nativity refers to the place of origin of an individual.
  18. A null hypothesis is most similar to which of the following?
  19. True or False? The three categories of descriptive epidemiologic variables are person, place, and time.
  20. Descriptive epidemiology characterizes the amount and distribution of disease within a population and enables the researcher to:
  21. True or False? The human biological clock phenomenon is linked to place variation in diseases.
  22. True or False? WHO is a major source of information about worldwide international variations in rates of disease.
  23. Cyclic variations in the occurrence of disease may reflect:
  24. Which of the following reasons might account for place variation in disease?
  25. True or False? One of the three main purposes of descriptive epidemiology is to aid in the creation of hypotheses.

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