Buy Best Liberty University AVIA 455 Quiz 3

Buy Best Liberty University AVIA 455 Quiz 3

  1. Pulling the fire T handle will:
  2. Inverters change DC power to power.
  3. Jet B has a freezing point of approximately
  4. Which is chemically generated electricity?
  5. The microfilter removes foreign particles as small as:
  6. Brushes riding on the smooth surface of the slip ring carry current into the rotor coil only.
  7. Most smaller turbine engines installed in business jets have a
  8. Class C fires include:
  9. If the fuel filter should clog, fuel will flow to the engine through the _ valve.
  10. All electrical energy used in an aircraft comes from two sources: chemical energy and magnetism.
  11. What AC current frequency is used by large aircraft?
  12. The fuel temperature is maintained high enough to prevent the formation of ice crystals by:
  13. Modern jet transports use the high-rate-discharge system (HRD) as opposed to the CO2 systems.
  14. The fuel truck must be grounded, and the aircraft structure must be connected to the fuel line.
  15. A fire extinguisher bottle at 100° F should have a pressure of:
  16. The difference between Jet A and Jet A-1 i
  17. Which generators are said to be self-excited?
  18. To prevent the formation of scum in the tanks, jet fuel may be treated with an additive such as:
  19. The turbine engine fuel system is different from the reciprocating engine because:
  20. A thermocouple is made of these two types of wire:
  21. As it has to do with aircraft engines, list and describe the five fire zones.
  22. What are some of the more frequent problems with aircraft fire extinguishing systems?
  23. Of the four fire extinguishing agents that can be used for powerplant fires, which do you think is the best and why?

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