Buy Best Liberty University BUSI 681 Quiz 6 

Buy Best Liberty University BUSI 681 Quiz 6

  1. When conducting post-project audits, this is one of the main tools that a facilitator uses.
  2. In organizations where projects are managed within a ____________, the team member’s area manager, not the project manager, is responsible for assessing performance.
  3. The process of capturing lessons learned continues to evolve, but there are still many barriers to effectively capitalizing on lessons learned that have been identified. The following are examples of these barriers EXCEPT
  4. The retrospective facilitator will typically progress through the retrospective starting with a larger group session and eventually working their way down to documented individual observations.
  5. The major deliverable when closing out a project that includes a causal analysis and identification of lessons learned is known as
  6. Obtaining __________ is a major and critical closure activity for the Project Manager.
  7. Team performance management is well-documented and understood enough that Team Evaluations are commonplace and accurate.
  8. Retrospectives of lessons learned are designed to improve performance on current and future projects.
  9. When performing a retrospective for a project, whoever is performing the retrospective needs to be perceived as being independent and unbiased.
  10. Project closures can fall into all of the following categories EXCEPT
  11. The retrospective methodology is more inclusive and disciplined than past lessons learned approaches.
  12. The purpose of project evaluation is to assess how well
  13. The content of the final report typically includes the following topics EXCEPT
  14. A 360-degree performance evaluation includes feedback from peers, project managers, subordinates, and even customers.
  15. An analysis carried out during and shortly after the project life cycle that attempts to capture positive and negative learning is represented in which of the following?
  16. Because of circumstances beyond the control of the project team, many projects are easy for a review group to close down. This type of project closure is called
  17. Performance appraisals generally fulfill two functions. The first is to identify individual strengths and weaknesses and to develop action plans for improving performance. The second involves salary or merit adjustments. Why should these two functions be addressed at different times?
  18. Which part of the final report examines in detail the underlying causes of problems, issues, and successes relative to the project and includes concise, factual review statements of the project?
  19. Which of the following is NOT a wrap-up closure activity that might be found on a checklist?
  20. The following are general tips for conducting performance reviews EXCEPT
  21. Which of the following is NOT a role of the closure facilitator?
  22. The key requirement in selection of the facilitator is one who is the end-user.
  23. This type of closure occurs when the project may never seem to end. At some point the review group should recommend methods for bringing final closure to this type of project. This is considered to be ___________ closure.
  24. Retrospective methodology is one positive step toward ensuring lessons learned are developed and implemented.
  25. A project closure where the project is completed early with some parts of the project eliminated would be classified as a failed project.
  26. Completing Team Evaluations relies upon ____________ to be in place before the project begins.
  27. Before an evaluation of the project team can be effective and useful, a minimum core of conditions needs to be in place before the project begins. Which of the following would NOT be one of those conditions?
  28. When a project starts as a high priority but its rank erodes or crashes during its project life cycle resulting in closure of the project, this is an example of changed priority project closure.
  29. In premature project closure, the project may be completed early with some parts of the project eliminated.
  30. Which of the following summarizes project performance and provides useful information for continuous improvement?

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