Buy Best Liberty University CEFS 546 Quiz 2 

Buy Best Liberty University CEFS 546 Quiz 2

  • Stressful life events appear to be a causal factor in depression, on the basis of research showing that
  • Mark’s parents bring him to see a psychologist because they believe Mark is experiencing delusions. What piece of information would most indicate that Mark had schizophrenia and not some other diagnosis?
  • Which of the following is mentioned in the text as a complicating factor in interpreting findings from studies of the effects of marijuana?
  • Smoking marijuana has been shown to
  • Carlos has schizophrenia and is living with his parents. One of his symptoms is a difficulty initiating any activity, and once started, he is unable to finish. This is an example of
  • In bipolar disorder, depressive episodes are typically triggered by
  • Tim works at a law firm where he is expected to bring in a large number of cases each week. He has been working at this job for five years, typically putting in 70 hours a week. He has begun to experience irritability and has begun to drink alcohol in the evening in order to get to sleep. Based on this information, if he were taking any other drug, it would most likely be
  • The DSM-5 criteria for a diagnosis of schizophrenia include all of the following categories EXCEPT:
  • The DSM-5 refers to the pathological use of substances as
  • Disruptive mood dysregulation disorder involves
  • All of the following are mood disorders in the DSM-5 except:
  • Jack reports being in a wonderful mood. He has been very active at work lately, even working far into the night, as he seems to need only a few hours of sleep at night. He is very talkative and quickly moves from one topic to another, describing a scheme he has for making a fortune in the stock market. These behaviors represent a change from Jack’s normal behaviors and have caused severe functional impairment. He reports no previous periods like this. Which of the following diagnoses would best fit Jack?
  • Schizophrenia is diagnosed more frequently among:
  • Families with a member with schizophrenia are now encouraged to
  • Both Brief Psychotic Disorder and Schizophreniform Disorder share the characteristic that
  • Jill is seeking treatment for depression, which started after she ended a long-term relationship. Which of the following would be a global depressive attribution she might make?
  • Wanda drinks frequently and requires more alcohol now than she did six months ago to achieve the same effect. She reports that she can out-drink most people. Wanda is probably
  • Cook grew up in severely impoverished circumstances. His mother was unmarried and homeless, and Mr. Cook and his six siblings lived on the streets or in shelters for most of their childhood. They had little formal education or opportunity to make progress in the world. After 17 years of this life, Mr. Cook had his first psychotic episode while digging through a trashcan looking for food for his mother; he heard voices telling him to take off his clothes and eat them. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Cook was picked up by police, taken to a psychiatric hospital, and diagnosed as schizophrenic. Mr. Cook’s story fits the __________ theory of social class and schizophrenia.
  • Cognitive enhancement therapy seeks to
  • In the DSM-5, __________ is included in persistent depressive disorder.
  • Which of the following disorders has the highest heritability estimates?
  • Howard had a psychotic episode following the death of his wife. He had hallucinations in which he would hear her speaking to him, telling him to kill himself. Howard developed elaborate delusions about his ability to communicate with his wife’s spirit. Howard recovered from this episode after one week and had no further symptoms What DSM-5 diagnosis would fit Howard’s case?
  • Which of the following disorders is newly included in the DSM-5?
  • Which of the following statements is true?
  • Which of the following is not considered a common symptom of depression?

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