Buy Best Liberty University CHHI 520 Quiz 3 

Buy Best Liberty University CHHI 520 Quiz 3

  1. Who was the founder of Russian Christianity?
  2. The Second Council of Nicaea of 787 addressed ______.
  3. The Syrian missionary monk Alopen ______.
  4. In 410, Alaric the Goth ______.
  5. The Ecclesiastical History of the English Nation was written by ______.
  6. Nestorius ______.
  7. Augustine’s On Christian Teaching emphasized ______.
  8. The Stowe Missal was ______.
  9. Cyril and Methodius ______.
  10. Liturgy became important in the church in the fourth to sixth centuries because ______.
  11. Patrick was the first missionary to the Irish.
  12. The theology of Simeon the New Theologian was characterized by ______.
  13. Bishop Leo of Rome influenced the Council of Chalcedon of 451 through ______.
  14. In his Conference 13, John Cassian argued that salvation ______.
  15. Charlemagne saw missions as part of his military policy.
  16. In Augustine’s Confessions, Books 11 – 13, he ______.
  17. Augustine’s City of God ______.
  18. The Pseudo-Isidorian Decretals ______.
  19. In 697, ______ conquered Carthage.
  20. The Donatists were officially condemned at the ______.
  21. Cassiodorus’s Institutes of Divine and Secular Readings ______.
  22. Ulfilas ______.
  23. The Alexandrian theologians ______.
  24. Photius ______.
  25. The seventh-century Monothelete theologians asserted ______.

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