Buy Best Liberty University CRIS 303 Quiz 1 

Buy Best Liberty University CRIS 303 Quiz 1


  1. Which form of death encompasses the cessation of the operation or function of all the vital organs?
  2. What is defined as the irreversible loss of brain function?
  3. These individuals may be extreme risk-takers or thrill seekers appearing to be masters of their fate and proving their control over death.
  4. Cultural trauma is more likely to result in a dramatic loss of identity and meaning, a tear in the social fabric.
  5. According to the text, our society once had a death-accepting temperament.
  6. Violent historical events, discrimination, and oppression experienced by prior generations can potentially affect the lives of future generations in the form of unresolved grief and trauma.
  7. Physiological death refers to death in which the organism, as a human entity, no longer exists.
  8. Foreseen grief is defined as a form of normal grief that occurs in anticipation of a future loss
  9. How many cognate modes of thought on immortality that offer comfort in dealing with death does Lifton provide?
  10. The conception of what constitutes death is more than an academic interest
  11. In viewing our attitudes toward death we must all acknowledge that to some degree we all share a delusion because we posit that death gives meaning to
  12. Zisook found that a percent of patients entering an outpatient psychiatric facility had unresolved grief.
  13. Which form of death can be described as the death of aspects of the dying individual’s personality?
  14. According to the author, for full recovery to occur, an acknowledgment of the multigenerational influence of trauma and the generational wounding it has inflicted must be
  15. The Chinese pictogram for “crisis” is a combination of two symbols which are
  16. Intergenerational trauma is best defined as
  17. Which of the following is not identified as one of the five Harvard criteria?
  18. PTSD was categorized as an anxiety disorder because of the persistent anxiety hypervigilance, exaggerated startle response, and displayed by trauma survivors.
  19. The concept of intergenerational trauma was first introduced as Rakoff and his colleagues described the generational effects of the Holocaust.
  20. In 4-6 sentences, please discuss an area of death and loss you think differently about as a result of this module/week’s reading.

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