Buy Best Liberty University EDUC 305 Quiz 6 

Buy Best Liberty University EDUC 305 Quiz 6

  • The 1960s brought increased attention to
  • Educational policy reports in the mid-1980s emphasized
  • An example of a goal is
  • The launching of Sputnik rocked the foundations of the United States government, citizenry, and educational system during which period of American history?
  • The educational crises of the late 1950s and the early 1980s were similar in that
  • By the 1980s, the attention of national policy reports focused on the needs of which group of students tended to be ignored in national priorities for education.
  • A new focus on outcomes that measured academic results in a child’s education l.
  • Behavioral objectives can be evaluated by measuring
  • Because of the educational policy reports of the mid-1980s, such as A Nation at Risk, schools implemented
  • A “high stakes” test is one where the results
  • Objectives are usually prepared at the
  • Goals serve as a guide for developing
  • detailed policies and procedures for including children with disabilities in a regular classroom.
  • School district goals should be based on input from
  • a forced change in the school curriculum by steering children towards science and math.
  • The fact that what we perceive to be our goals for public education can change so dramatically and so frequently probably reflects
  • The major effect of the Soviet satellite Sputnik on American education was
  • In the lecture, Changing Worldviews, the mirror is a symbol of …
  • In the lecture, Changing Worldviews, the hammer is a symbol of
  • In the lecture, Changing Worldviews, Postmodernism is described as a philosophy that values

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