Buy Best Liberty University HIUS 445 Exam 2

Buy Best Liberty University HIUS 445 Exam 2

  1. Reagan’s main opponent in the 1980 Republican primaries.
  2. Reagan lost his bid for reelection as California governor in 1970.  He was narrowly defeated by Democrat Jesse Unruh, the “big daddy” of California politics.
  3. The economic crisis in the late 1970s was so severe and so disorienting that many observers across the political spectrum even questioned whether the free-market system would survive.
  4. What was Reagan’s “11th commandment”?
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  6. While many evangelicals supported Democrat and fellow evangelical Jimmy Carter for President in 1976, he did not win a majority of their vote.  President Ford carried the evangelical vote in 1976.
  7. What was the Carter Doctrine?
  8. This 1979 book by Christopher Lasch had a tremendous impact on President Carter and was the inspiration behind his so-called Malaise Speech of July 1979.  Overall, Lasch articulated a tragic vision of American life, arguing that the material well-being that liberal individualists and corporate capitalists alike celebrated had trapped people, rather than liberating them, by stripping them of sources of genuine satisfaction.  The search for self-fulfillment through consumption and therapy, he wrote, had turned America into a hedonist society.  All these forces undermined real work, an authentic sense of self, and a morally grounded faith.


  1. According to his autobiography, Reagan did not feel he was ready to be President in 1968.  He resisted running as a bona fide candidate for the Republican nomination but agreed to run as a “favorite son” for California’s delegate slate at the RNC in order to prevent the party from dividing into factions.
  2. Which of the following is true about Pat Brown?
  3. Why did conservatives not like Republican President Gerald Ford (1974-77)?
  4. In 1964, Reagan supported this conservative for President and delivered a nationally televised address on his behalf, which for all practical purposes launched his political career.
  5. Reagan developed a management style while in California that was very hands-on, and incredibly detailed.  Indeed, he was often criticized even by his own staff for micro-managing their affairs.
  6. The American economy in the 1970s was characterized by a steady rise in unemployment accompanied by a sharp rise in inflation.  This phenomenon was known as what?
  7. Why were evangelicals hostile toward President Carter by 1980?
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  9. In an attempt to persuade delegates at the 1976 Republican National Convention to support him over President Ford, Reagan selected this Pennsylvania Senator as his “running-mate.”  The move backfired because many of Reagan’s supporters viewed the Senator as a moderate, if not liberal, Republican.
  10. In 1946, Reagan’s life was threatened by Communists and Hollywood strikers.  He even received a call in which he was threatened: “Your face will never be in pictures again.”
  11. What led Reagan, a liberal Democrat and president of the Screen Actors Guild, to wake up to the Communist threat in the immediate post-World War II years?
  12. Reagan broke with the Republican Party in 1976 and ran unsuccessfully as an independent candidate against Ford and Carter.
  13. Reagan believed that the Soviets were interested in taking over Hollywood in the late 1940s because by then American movies occupied over 70% of the playing time on the world’s movie screens.  If the Communists could make Hollywood an instrument of propaganda, it would aid Soviet expansion and their goal of communizing the world.
  14. NOT true about President Jimmy Carter:
  15. Which of the following is true regarding Reagan as Governor?
  16. In 1969, Reagan sent in the National Guard to restore order on this campus:
  17. Which of the following is NOT true about the California gubernatorial campaign of 1966?
  18. This person, who had an extraordinary ability to judge people, was arguably the most important member of Governor Reagan’s political team.
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  20. After Reagan became California Governor in 1967, he learned that the state had a large budget deficit, spending about $1 million per day more than it brought in.  He called, then, for a tax increase.
  21. A response by President Carter to the taking of American hostages in Iran in November 1980:
  22. In 1964, Reagan made this movie– his last– in which he played a villain for the only time in his whole career.  The film was a flop.
  23. Reagan lost many of the early 1976 Republican presidential primaries but won in North Carolina in March– catapulting him to victory in Texas, California, and several southern states.  In the end, however, he fell just 70 votes short of securing the nomination.
  24. Besides the Communist threat, what led to Reagan’s political transformation from a Democrat to a Republican?
  25. NOT true about President Carter’s Malaise Speech of July 1979:
  26. Provide a brief overview of Reagan’s successful gubernatorial campaign in California in 1966.  What were some problems he faced?  How did he overcome them?  Why did he win?

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