Buy Best Liberty University HLTH 642 Quiz 3 

Buy Best Liberty University HLTH 642 Quiz 3

  1. A “toxin” is generally considered to be a substance:
  2. Prior to use in foods, additives must be:
  3. Which of the following statements is true regarding toxins?
  4. A “poison” is generally considered to be a substance:
  5. An indicator of relative toxicity among substances is the:
  6. 2 out of 2 points Of the approximately 5,000 known species of algae, which group is most responsible for introducing toxins into the human food chain:
  7. The majority of pesticides in the U.S. are used for:
  8. These mycotoxins can cause acute disease but they are also established as potent hepatocarcinogens:
  9. Which toxins are actually formed by the bacterial metabolism of fish muscle proteins?
  10. Of the following, which scenario is most difficult in establishing the causation of a disease from the ingestion of toxicants?
  11. The greatest problem with sediments containing persistent chemical pollutants is:
  12. From limited surveillance data, the most frequently reported injury comes from
  13. The risks of consuming plant toxins is the greatest:
  14. Which of the following toxins are considered superantigens?
  15. This toxic metabolite may enter the human food chain in milk as a result of cows being fed aflatoxin-contaminated feedstuff:
  16. The greatest risks with veterinary drugs and animals used for food are from:
  17. The period of time between the consumption of toxic substances and the appearance of adverse health outcomes is referred to as:
  18.            toxin(s) is/are considered heat stable.
  19. Which of the following is considered an agrochemical?
  20. The dose-response of a toxicant is important to food safety because:
  21. Factors unrelated to physiology that determine toxicity include:
  22. The key to pesticide safety with regard to foods is:
  23. The dose-response of a substance is:
  24. Toxic metals are known to leach into foods from certain containers such as:
  25. The greatest risk from food contamination with radionuclides probably comes from:

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