Buy Best Liberty University PLST 235 Test 1 

Buy Best Liberty University PLST 235 Test 1

  1. A written declaration of a person’s intent to distribute property after his or her death is a(n):
  2. Wills executed while the person is still alive are:
  3. A person who may receive an asset as the result of a will is known as:
  4. This person administers the deceased’s estate and carries out the terms of the will:
  5. The term intestate means that a person died without having executed a legal will.
  6. With a joint tenancy, if Tina, Todd, and Ted each own 1/3 share of a lake house with a right of survivorship, and suddenly Todd dies. What portion do each, both Tina and Ted, now immediately own?
  7. It is important to know that a person owned the property and how the property title was held.
  8. Which is not an example of a fixture that has become real property?
  9. Which is not true of a fee simple state:
  10. Joint tenancy property is called a non-probate asset.
  11. Which of the following is the best example of a demonstrative legacy?
  12. The following is an example is a pecuniary bequest: John writes the following disposition in his will. I give $5,000 to my son Jack if he survives me. If he fails to survive me, I give $5,000 to my granddaughter Jill.
  13. In this type of distribution, the beneficiaries receive their shares based on the level of lineal descendant they are from their ancestor, the decedent.
  14. Which of the following has a collateral relation with the decedent?
  15. A decedent’s property may be distributed by either:
  16. The American history of wills is rooted in:
  17. A valid will containing the factors of age and sound mind represents this component:
  18. A witness that can testify to the facts of the will’s execution and the testator’s mental capacity shows:
  19. This clause provides for the forfeiture of all benefits under the will to any beneficiary objecting to probate or challenging the will.
  20. As a rule, wills should be reviewed by the testator every:
  21. This clause lets the personal representative and probate court know how debts and other charges to the estate are to be paid:
  22. Paralegals:
  23. Before an attorney can draft a will:
  24. Most people draft their own wills because they think it is easy and it is cost-effective to do so.
  25. Power of appointment:

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