Buy Best NBST 515 Quiz 1

Buy Best NBST 515 Quiz 1

Quiz: The Study of the New Testament

  • According to Elwell, we should study the New Testament because
  • According to Elwell, first-century Judaism was primarily a way of life rather than a set of
  • According to Elwell, the Hebrew Scriptures were eventually divided into three sections: the Torah, the Prophets, and the
  • According to the presentations, the “radical wing” of the liberal group, the Pharisees, was likely the
  • According to Elwell, the earliest description we have of the Gospels as books, referred to as “memoirs,” comes from
  • According to the presentations, which group of first-century Jews is believed to be responsible for the Dead Sea Scrolls?
  • According to Elwell, which disciple did not believe that Jesus had risen from the dead until he actually saw him?
  • According to Elwell, after the resurrection, Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene, and no one
  • According to the presentations, the Pharisees believed that God, at Sinai, gave Moses two Torahs, one written and one
  • According to Elwell, Jesus was sent to Pilate, Herod Antipas, and then back to Pilate before being
  • According to Elwell, the Christian Bible is divided into two sections, the Old Testament and the New Testament, with some modern Bibles containing a third section called the apocryphal or deuterocanonical
  • According to Elwell, the group of 10 cities, most of which were on the eastern side of the Jordan River and granted a large measure of self-governance by the Romans, were known as the
  • According to the presentations, Judaism, in the first century AD, was a monolithic religion comprised of a single group in which all Jews believed exactly the same
  • According to Elwell, Jesus and most of his hearers were unfamiliar with the Old
  • According to Elwell, the first five books of the Hebrew Scriptures are called
  • According to Elwell, the Sea of Galilee is 1290 feet below sea
  • According to the presentations, while the four Gospels differ in some of the details of Jesus’ resurrection, they all agree that the risen Jesus first appeared to
  • According to the presentations, the Sadducees accepted all parts of the Hebrew Bible as
  • According to Elwell, most Jews who believed in the Messiah believed that he would defeat the Romans and make Jerusalem the center of the world.
  • According to the presentations, which group of first-century Jews denied the belief in the afterlife and the resurrection of the dead?

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