Buy Best NBST 520 Quiz Paul’s Life and Thought

Buy Best NBST 520 Quiz Paul’s Life and Thought



  • According to Elwell, Paul was imprisoned some two years in Caesarea while Jewish authorities sought to extradite him back to Jerusalem to stand trial.
  • The Jerusalem Council decided that Gentiles should be circumcised in order to be genuine Christians.
  • According to Elwell, the most disputed aspect of Paul’s theology, at least in recent decades, has been
  • According to the presentations, “metanarrative” means the “deep structure story” both behind and beyond the surface story.
  • According to Elwell, the importance of the church at Antioch was because it was the primary missionary church of earliest Christianity, and because
  • According to Elwell, while Paul was not born in Jerusalem, he was apparently educated there.
  • According to Elwell, Paul did not see himself as the founder of a new religion; rather, Paul saw his gospel as being in continuity with God’s saving work as expressed in God’s covenant with Abraham and Israel.
  • According to Elwell, it is likely that Luke joined Paul on his second missionary journey at Troas because Luke, who wrote Acts, switches to the first person (“we”) at that point in the story.
  • According to Elwell, Paul’s trademark phrase, “in Christ,” primarily refers to the unity and interdependence of believers.
  • According to the presentations, most of Paul’s letters were written inresponse to specific situations or occasions.
  • According to Elwell, Paul had to endure brutal conditions during his imprisonment in Rome.
  • According to the presentations, Paul’s metanarrative behind his letters is most frequently thought of as his Christology.
  • According to the presentations, it is a possibility that Luke depicts Paul’s missionary activities in terms of three missionary “journeys” because Luke has an interest in travel and travel stories.
  • According to Elwell, Paul’s belief in a personal, powerful, malevolent being (the Devil or Satan), as well as his subservient underlings, both human and angelic, is an important feature of his outlook.
  • According to Elwell, the Jerusalem Council is important as the record of how the truth that salvation is “by grace through faith” was debated and established.
  • According to Elwell, the shape of Paul’s theology depends on which writings are used to reconstruct Paul’s thoughts.
  • According to Elwell, Paul penned 1 and 2 Corinthians from Ephesus while on this missionary journey.
  • The patron goddess of Ephesus was
  • According to Acts, Paul was arrested while in Jerusalem because some Jews had accused him of defiling the Temple by bringing in a Gentile.
  • According to Elwell, Barnabas was from

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