Buy Best PHSC 210 Final Exam

Buy Best PHSC 210 Final Exam

  1. When warm, moist air moves over a cold surface, ____________ fog may result.
  2. A(n) ______________ is a thick accumulation of sediments and small, tectonic blocks formed of material scraped off a descending, lithospheric plate at a subduction zone.
  3. Seamounts _______________.
  4. If an observer sees cirrus clouds, followed later by cirrostratus, and then altostratus, he or she is witnessing the approach of a ______________ front.
  5. In a _____________ fault, the hanging wall block moves up with respect to the footwall block.
  6. The spring equinox in the Northern Hemisphere occurs on _______________.
  7. Most of the active volcanoes on earth are located in a belt known as the __________________.
  8. Which of the following statements is NOT true of tornadoes?
  9. Which of the following will cause air to rise?
  10. On a weather map, ___________ fronts are shown by a blue line with triangular points on one side.
  11. The height, length, and period of an ocean wave depend upon _______________.
  12. Which of the following is geologic evidence for the young earth?
  13. A cT air mass is ___________.
  14. When waves reach shallow water, they are often bent and tend to become parallel to the shore. This process is termed ____________.
  15. Manganese nodules are an example of _______________.
  16. Typhoon is another name for a _______________.
  17. The lithosphere is defined as _______________________.
  18. Closely spaced isobars often indicate ___________.
  19. The average composition of rocks comprising a large composite cone or stratovolcano is similar to a(n) ____________ magma.
  20. The energy that drives surface ocean currents such as the Gulf Stream comes from _____________.
  21. If the maximum temperature for a particular day is 26oC and the minimum temperature is 14oC, the daily mean would be ________________.
  22. Overall, this type of seismic wave is the most destructive.
  23. “Black smokers” are associated with _______________.
  24. Fast moving currents of air found near the top of the troposphere are called ____________.
  25. If the relative humidity of a parcel of air is at 70%, what would happen if the air temperature of the parcel decreased (all other conditions remained the same)?
  26. Which one of the following is the most abundant gas in the atmosphere?
  27. The oceans cover approximately _________ percent of the earth’s surface.
  28. The force that generates wind is ______________.
  29. The daily tidal range is LEAST during ___________ tide.
  30. Which of the following factors help determine whether a volcanic eruption will be violent or relatively quiescent?
  31. The largest igneous intrusive body is called a(n) __________________.
  32. High air pressure systems are usually associated with _______________.
  33. When an active cold front overtakes a warm front ______________.
  34. _______________ develop where oceanic lithosphere bends downward and sinks into the mantle.
  35. Which one of the following would you NOT associate with turbidity currents?
  36. Fetch is ______________.
  37. Ozone filters out most of the _____________ radiation in sunlight.
  38. Most of the United States is situated in which zone of prevailing winds?
  39. The process of converting a liquid to vapor is termed ____________.
  40. A sea breeze usually originates during the _______________.
  41. Low-pressure systems are usually associated with clear weather.
  42. When air sinks, it compresses and warms.
  43. Although the Sun influences the tides, its effect is considerably less than the effect of the moon.
  44. A tornado watch is issued by the National Weather Service after a tornado has been sighted in an area.
  45. According to the old‐earth model, sediments are brittle when they are deformed. Young‐earth proponents, however, contend that sediments are soft when they are deformed.
  46. The Bible must be proven by geological evidence before Christians can accept it as authoritative.
  47. Sand, silt, and clays deposited on the ocean floor are described as terrigenous sediments.
  48. A tropical depression has stronger winds than a tropical storm.
  49. The Continental crust is generally thicker than the ocean crust.
  50. The lack of soil layers in the rock record is geologic evidence for the young earth.

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