Buy Best PLST 201 Quiz 1-2-3

Buy Best PLST 201 Quiz 1-2-3

PLST 201 Quiz 1

  1. Office manager Hakeem has worked at a law firm with more than 100 employees for 10 years, without a break in employment. He worked 1300 hours last year. Hakeem is not a lawyer; however, he is skilled in management. Hakeem and his spouse are preparing to adopt a child. Hakeem performs many functions for the office, including management of the hiring process. Several people are currently being considered for a new position at the office. One of these people is Pat, who is 50 years old. Pat has strong qualifications for the position; however, a coworker in Hakeem’s department has suggested that Pat not be hired, expressing the opinion that someone who is 50 years old is too old to be placed in a position with the firm. Which of the following would clearly not fall within the tasks Hakeem routinely handles for the law office?
  2. Pursuant to the Family Medical Leave Act of 1993, in regard to the adopted child and Hakeem’s work at the law firm, Hakeem has the right to have:
  3. Regarding Pat, Hakeem should listen to the coworker and reject Pat’s application, due to Pat’s age.
  4. Regarding a potential new hire, when is the most appropriate time for Hakeem to contact the character references provided by the applicant?
  5. As the legal practice and the law office have evolved, it is quite likely that Hakeem and others who work in the administration of law firm matters will be working with computers and automation.
  6. Sunita and Scott are lawyers in a megafirm that has recently coalesced. They are on a committee that is working to define the firm’s services, define the firm’s practice system needs, and address total quality management (TQM). Sunita and Scott’s opinions are not identical regarding these matters, and there are a number of differing opinions among others on the committee. At the next meeting, Sunita, Scott, and others on their committee will be discussing the staff manual. Based on TQM, which of the following should drive Sunita and Scott’s firm?
  7. Which of the following statements regarding the staff manual is not accurate?
  8. Because their firm is a megafirm, it is likely that Sunita and Scott’s firm includes lawyers who practice in all subspecialty areas of law.
  9. Scott stresses TQM, which means he believes that quality service involves every person in the firm, and he also believes that everyone in the firm must be involved and committed.
  10. In order for Sunita and Scott’s committee discussions to validly focus on practice systems, the discussions should focus on how to provide and implement services.

PLST 201 Quiz 2

  1. The Journal of Taxation is a(n):
  2. The dictionary that includes only terms that have been defined in federal and state court opinions is called:
  3. The state digests include the reported state court decisions, as well as federal court decisions arising in the state.
  4. With the use of Shepard’s online, the name of the feature that lists the number of references is:
  5. Legal encyclopedias are designed to provide in-depth coverage of specific areas of the law.
  6. American Law Reports does NOT include:
  7. A starting point for researching legislative history is to determine whether the legislative history has been compiled.
  8. The primary goal of the American Law Institute is to:
  9. The signal that warns of some negative history in KeyCite is a:
  10. An attorney general’s written opinion interpreting how the law should be applied is considered a primary authority.
  11. Just as legal researchers must Shepardize case law to determine whether it is “good law,” they must also Shepardize statutory and constitutional provisions, administrative regulations, and court rules.
  12. Shepard’s Summary provides a list of subsequent history and cites references with analysis.
  13. Restatements of the Law is published by the American Law Institute.
  14. Legal dictionaries are different from other dictionaries in that they:
  15. When a court opinion can be found in more than one reporter, the citations are called:
  16. The primary goal of the NCCUSL is to:
  17. In American Law Reports, the annotations following a court opinion may run 100 pages or longer.
  18. Uniform laws and model acts are the primary authority.
  19. A court opinion is also known as a case brief.
  20. The Current Law Index includes book reviews.
  21. Which of the following is NOT a category in West’s digests?
  22. To determine whether a case has been reversed or modified, refer to the appropriate:
  23. Reading court opinions is important in developing legal writing skills.
  24. Articles in law journals are valuable for their depth of research.
  25. Cases are presented chronologically in reporters.
  26. Courts usually consider committee reports to be the most authoritative source of legislative history.
  27. The Federal Reporters are unofficial reporters.
  28. What portion of a court opinion represents the court’s decision on the issue(s) presented?
  29. Oren’s Dictionary of the Law is available on Westlaw.
  30. Every court opinion published in West’s reporters is linked to digests through the use of headnotes.
  31. Corpus Juris Secundum is larger than American Jurisprudence Second.
  32. Case law is composed of the legal rules, doctrines, and principles adopted by the courts.
  33. Bankruptcy is one of the sections in Restatements of the Law.
  34. With Westlaw, KeyCite is used instead of Shepards.
  35. Summaries of the points of law discussed in a case are called:
  36. Legal periodicals provide general information about specific legal issues.
  37. A yellow triangle in Shepard’s warns that the validity of the case has been questioned by another jurisdiction.
  38. When conducting digest research, the quickest way to locate other cases is to go to the table of cases.
  39. Which of the following is written by a court?
  40. Public domain citations are also known as fair use citations.
  41. Congressional debates are published in the:
  42. American Law Reports includes practice pointers.
  43. Case briefs must follow a standard format as spelled out in each court’s rules and procedures.
  44. When conducting digest research, if no state or regional digest is available, refer to the:
  45. Unpublished opinions can never be cited or used as precedents.
  46. The largest body of law is:
  47. The official reporter for the Supreme Court of the United States is the:
  48. A case brief is a written summary.
  49. Most federal and state trial court decisions are not published by national or state reporters.
  50. A useful resource for preparing legal documents such as contracts is:

PLST 201 Quiz 3

  1. It is important to know how to research using print resources because familiarity with a print source makes it much easier to understand the structure of the electronic database.
  2. Many law firms require paralegals to accrue a certain number of billable hours and every hour worked is billable.
  3. The less specific and broader the terms used, the more likely the results of the search will include websites that do not contain the law.
  4. The best first step to search on a website is to flip through the pages for relevancy to the client’s case.
  5. If the website does not have a global search box, then it is not a relevant source and you should not use it.
  6. There is no guarantee that the results of your search will be accurate, authoritative, or credible.
  7. An advantage of non-fee-based Internet research is the unlimited amount of information available.
  8. The addresses of websites are referred to as Uniform Resource Locators (URLs).
  9. LawCrawler is the parent site of FindLaw.
  10. Research guides are created by law library staff at the law school with step-by-step instructions on conducting research.
  11. United States Attorney General opinions are available at
  12. The Harvard Law School Law Library site provides access to the United States Code.
  13. The Code of Federal regulations and Federal Register can be found on the Government Printing Office website.
  14. Many secondary authority sources and treatises are available only on non-fee-based websites.
  15. Which of the following are reasons to know how to research using print resources?
  16. There is an ethical obligation to provide the client with competent representation, therefore,
  17. How can you locate a relevant website containing the legal sources you are seeking?
  18. The key to effective and efficient searches it to:
  19. Which of the following best practices will help you stay focused on your research?
  20. Which of the following is a law school site?
  21. Federal Court opinions include which of the following court decisions?
  22. State statutes, court opinions, law reviews, and agency regulations can be found on:
  23. The nonfee-based Web site that provides templates for legal documents is called:
  24. When using the search box on the homepage of WestlawNext, results from al across Westlaw databases will be shown as well as a ranking by relevance.
  25. Computer searches using keywords are often referred to as Boolean searches.
  26. Westlaw Next was designed in response to customer feedback seeking a less-cluttered way to search.
  27. An online search using terms and connectors is also called a natural language search.
  28. When conducting a terms and connectors search, a space between words retrieves all documents that contain either search term.
  29. To exclude a term from a search query, place a dash symbol before the term.
  30. The steps for performing a natural language search for both statutory law and case law are the same.
  31. Westlaw does not allow a search to be narrowed using filters.
  32. Shepardizing is the way to validate research in Westlaw.
  33. To view only a portion of a document in LexisNexis, click on Custom.
  34. Lexis Advance allows researchers to browse sources and topics.
  35. The validation tool on Fastcase is called GlobalCite, and it is just as comprehensive as the better-known citators Shepards and KeyCite.
  36. Many state bar associations provide access to VersusLaw for their members.
  37. Most nonfee-based Web sites provide access to a citator called Authority Check, which is not as comprehensive as Shepards and KeyCite.
  38. One of the most frequently used fee-based online legal research services is:
  39. Conducting a search in Westlaw using plain English is called a(n):
  40. To search for all variations of a word when conducting terms and connectors search:
  41. One disadvantage of using terms and connectors search versus a natural language search is:
  42. Which of the following filter in Westlaw?
  43. The three ways to search under the My Lexis tab are terms and connectors, natural language, and:
  44. To view the citations or bibliographic references of a document in LexisNexis, click on:
  45. Which of the following is a unique feature of Lexis Advance?
  46. What does VersusLaw use as a citator tool?
  47. Bloomberg Law focuses on law offices practicing:
  48. Sam can access federal circuit court cases through:
  49. The search types on VersusLaw include:
  50. Which of the following sources used a green “thumbs up” icon to demonstrate a citation is still good law?

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