Buy Best PSYC 307 Quiz Addiction and Evidence

Buy Best PSYC 307 Quiz Addiction and Evidence

PSYC 307 Quiz Addiction and Evidence-Based Practices

  1. The text recommends from a harm reduction perspective controlling college binge drinking through
  2. The prefrontal cortex of the brain reaches full maturity soon after age
  3. BASICS is a program for
  4. The following statement is true of drug use rates in school surveys except for this one:
  5. Drinking to get drunk is the most common among teens who live in
  6. Research from the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia
    that teens who smoke cigarettes are _______ times likelier than nonsmokers to try marijuana and have friends who smoke marijuana.
  7. According to Beechem, an expert on elderly alcoholism, all except which of the following is true?
  8. The male counterpart to female anorexia is
  9. Which racial youth group is more likely to become heavy users of cigarettes among females?
  10. Studies show multiracial adolescents have high rates of smoking and drinking.
  11. The principal advantage of screening tools is to provide
  12. Which of the following is not a screen for alcohol problems?
  13. In the GA 20 Question Screen, how many questions must a person answer “yes” for a positive screen of a compulsive gambler?
  14. Which of the following has been validated for screening substance abuse problems in older adults?
  15. Which of the following cautions do not apply to persons who are part of ethnic minority groups or who do not use English as a first language?
  16. In co-occurring disorders, which level of care is not classified by CSAT?
  17. Of the following, which statement identifies one of the purposes of formal diagnoses:
  18. Which of the following is the most sensitive alcohol screen for Black obstetric patients and White Women?
  19. The GA Twenty Questions has high reliability and a high correlation with the DSM-IV.
  20. The ASAM classification system is not widely used.
  21. Which of the following best describes the effectiveness of research on Cognitive-behavioral therapy?
  22. A major focus in motivational interviewing is to help clients:
  23. The outcome measurement for harm reduction therapy is:
  24. The story of “Mr. Glue Head” best illustrates:
  25. Motivational interviewing was developed by _____________ as he demonstrated his motivational techniques to Norwegian student interns.
  26. Which of the following is a goal of motivational interviewing:
  27. Which of the following is not a good reason for using group therapy as a modality for addiction treatment:
  28. What is the criterion that is used to guide addiction treatment matching in a majority of states?
  29. The stage of the change model is a linear process.
  30. There is a strong relationship between a client’s initial motivation at treatment entry and outcomes six months later.
  31. Which of the following is a type of group not found in specialized AA meetings?
  32. Visitors who want to attend a twelve-step group in the community should
  33. Alcoholics Anonymous, as practiced as a mutual-help group in the community:
  34. According to the views of moderation management (MM), drinking problems are viewed as:
  35. “Cross-talk” in a 12-step meeting means
  36. A fundamental difference between the writings of cofounder Bill Wilson and professional treatment programs that practice “Twelve-Step Facilitation” is around the issue of
  37. Persons who wish for help with managing to drink moderately should attend:
  38. Which of the following requires a spiritual orientation?
  39. The practice of AA members introducing themselves by their first names and then saying, “…and I’m an alcoholic,” is a counter-therapeutic reinforcement of a negative label, according to the text.
  40. There is evidence to indicate that AA is a very useful approach for alcoholics trying to stop drinking.

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