Buy Best PSYC 341 Quiz 6

Buy Best PSYC 341 Quiz 6

  • The essence of basic tendencies is their basis in biology and they’re _____ over time and situation.
  • People who score in the direction of agreeableness tend to be
  • The principal difference between basic tendencies and characteristic adaptations is their
  • The five factors of the Five-Factor Model have been found across cultures and show some permanence with
  • According to Robert R. McCrae and Paul T. Costa, which of the following sentences is true of objective biography as a component of personality?
  • In the Five-Factor Theory, behavior, in part, is predicted by three core components. Which of the following is not a core component?
  • Cattell’s famous personality scale is called the
  • According to the Five-Factor Model (FFM), which of the following is a characteristic of people who tend to score high on neuroticism (N) as a personality trait?
  • The major strength of trait and factor theories lies in
  • Traits generated through factor analysis may be either _____ or _____.
  • McCrae and Costa (1996) objected to earlier personality theories as relying too heavily on
  • Costa and McCrae (1996) summarize their trait model using a schematic drawing whereby peripheral components, comprised of causal, secondary influences on personality, are represented as
  • The Five-Factor Model (FFM) includes _____ as a trait that reflects an affectionate, active, fun-loving, and passionate person.
  • Although factor and trait theories are difficult to rate on several dimensions with respect to the concept of humanity, they clearly rate very high on
  • Characteristic adaptations differ from culture to culture because
  • In Cattell’s inductive method of research,
  • Personality psychologists are more likely to attribute behavior to _____ than social psychologists.
  • “A theory organizes findings to tell a coherent story, to bring into focus those issues and phenomena that can and should be explained.” This quote is attributed to
  • Identify a true statement about characteristic adaptation as a core component of the Five-Factor Theory.
  • Which of the following techniques is used by most researchers to identify personality traits?
  • In the context of the Five-Factor Model (FFM), which of the following is one of the strongest and most ubiquitous personality traits?
  • Cattell classified traits that refer to how far or how fast one can perform a given activity as _____ traits.
  • According to the Five-Factor Model, which of the following statements best reflects our understanding of the stability of personality traits?
  • Which of the following statements is true of the postulates for characteristic adaptations?
  • Which of the following is a characteristic of people who score high on the openness to experience factor in the Five Factor Model?
  • In Hans J. Eysenck’s theory of personality, individuals who score low on psychoticism tend to be
  • Which of the following statements is true about Hans J. Eysenck’s biologically based factor theory?
  • What evidence did Eysenck present on the biological bases of personality?
  • Which is not one of the four levels of behavior organization recognized by Eysenck?
  • Eysenck’s three general types or super factors are
  • In the context of Eysenck’s biologically based factor theory, the key for Eysenck was that the individual differences in people’s personalities were due to
  • Eysenck claimed that introverted neurotics are characterized by all of the following except
  • According to Grossarth-Maticek, who had very low deaths from either cancer or cardiovascular disease?
  • According to Eysenck, an individual characterized by hysteria, suggestibility, and somatic symptoms would score high on the _____ scale.
  • Which of the following is not one of the personality assessments created and developed by Eysenck?
  • Hans J. Eysenck described a trait as
  • A major thrust of Eysenck’s theory is that personality results from the basic genetic and neurophysiological makeup of humans. Which biological research findings support this assertion?
  • Eysenck believed that the primary difference between extraverts and introverts is one of
  • Some people are vulnerable to psychiatric illness because they have a genetic or acquired weakness that predisposes them to the illness. This explanation for an illness is what Eysenck called the
  • According to Hans J. Eysenck, which of the following statements is true about people who score high on neuroticism?
  • According to Hans J. Eysenck, extraverts can be described as being
  • According to Eysenck, low levels of cortical arousal and high sensory thresholds characterize individuals who score high on the _____ scale.
  • Eysenck’s P type is a bipolar factor consisting of
  • Which of the following was proposed by Hans J. Eysenck?
  • In Eysenck’s theory of personality, the three basic factors of P, E, and N are
  • According to Eysenck’s findings, cold, nonconforming, and aggressive personalities tend to score high on
  • Eysenck’s encounter with the fascist right and his later battles with the radical left suggested to him that the trait of _____ was equally prevalent in both extremes of the political spectrum.
  • Eysenck and Grossarth-Maticek found that
  • According to the four-level hierarchy of behavior organization proposed by Hans J. Eysenck, _____ are at the lowest level of behavior organization.
  • According to Eysenck, high P scorers are.

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