Buy Best PSYC 354 Quiz 4

Buy Best PSYC 354 Quiz 4

PSYC 354 Quiz 4: Standard Deviation and z-Scores
  • Which z-score corresponds to a score that is above the mean by 2 standard deviations?
  • One purpose of a z-score is to provide an understanding of the exact location of a score in a distribution.
  • Which z-score value represents the location farthest from the mean?
  • Transforming an entire distribution of scores into z-scores changes an originally positively skewed distribution to a negatively skewed z-score distribution.
  • Transforming a set of scores into a standardized distribution of z-scores consists of graphically _____ the scores.
  • For any distribution, what is the z-score corresponding to the mean?
  • A positive z-score always corresponds to a score that is greater than the mean in a distribution.
  • Which position in a distribution corresponds to a z-score of = –1.00?
  • Consider a population that has a score of = 15 associated with a z-score of +1.50. What does this z-score indicate about the location of = 15?
  • For a population with μ = 40 and σ = 8, what is the z-score corresponding to = 34?
  • A score that is 6 points above the mean corresponds to a z-score of = +0.50. For this population, the standard deviation is σ = 12.
  • For a population with a mean of μ = 60 and a standard deviation of σ = 4, a score of = 56 corresponds to a z-score of z
    = –0.50.
  • For a sample with = 9, a score of = 67 corresponds to = +1.00. What is the sample mean?
  • For a sample with = 50 and = 12, what is the value corresponding to = –0.25?
  • A population has μ = 50. Which value of σ would make X
    = 55 an extreme value out in the tail of the population distribution?

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