Buy Best PSYC 380 Quiz 1 Nerve Cells

Buy Best PSYC 380 Quiz 1 Nerve Cells

PSYC 380 Quiz: Nerve Cells, Impulses, and Brain Anatomy
  1. Pomelo studies the resting potential of neurons. What might he conclude about the sodium-potassium pump?
  2. Molecules that can cross the blood-brain barrier are usually ____.
  3. Oxygen, carbon dioxide, and ____ freely flow across a cell membrane.
  4. What type of neuron in the pons receives information only from other cells in the pons and sends information only to other cells in the pons?
  5. Shyann is in the lab and is measuring the resting potential of neurons. Approximately what should she measure as the resting potential?
  6. Professor Dorian explained to his students that the resting potential of a neuron is the ______.
  7. A drug will prevent an action potential if it ____.
  8. Which type of glia removes waste material in the nervous system?
  9. Jasmine is in her physiology lab practicing labeling a neuron. When she gets to the short outgrowths that receive incoming information, she will be labeling
  10. What term describes the difference in voltage that typically exists between the inside and the outside of a neuron?
  11. The concentration gradient for potassium tends to ____.
  12. In what direction does a local neuron transmit information?
  13. Which event will increase the concentration gradient of sodium?
  14. Cassandra is in the lab trying to produce action potentials in her cultured neurons. What is most likely to work?
  15. Charles S. Sherrington was the first to infer the properties of ____.
  16. Professor Cook is lecturing about the reflex arc. He tells his students that _____ in the ______ help coordinate the contraction of certain muscles and the relaxation of others.
  17. The amino acid tryptophan is the precursor to which neurotransmitter?
  18. An action potential causes the release of neurotransmitters by ____.
  19. The main advantage of a neuron releasing more than one neurotransmitter is that:
  20. Which statement is true of EPSPs?
  21. The effect of a neurotransmitter on a postsynaptic neuron is determined by the ____.
  22. What happens when a neurotransmitter is released by a presynaptic cell?
  23. An IPSP is to ____ as an EPSP is to ____.
  24. Pauline is studying the reflex arc for a quiz. In her notes, she wrote down that the proper order is _____.
  25. Temporal summation is to ____ as spatial summation is to ____.
  26. Professor Kerry is giving a talk about neurotransmitters. She tells the class that most neurotransmitters are synthesized from
  27. An individual has difficulty remembering certain things after brain damage, but all memories stored before the damage are intact. The brain area most likely damaged is the _
  28. How does the method of transcranial magnetic stimulation of brain areas differ from magnetic inactivation?
  29. Someone who suddenly loses the ability to identify objects by feeling them has probably suffered damage to what area of the cerebral cortex?
  30. The basal ganglia are a related cluster of cell bodies that are lateral to the _____.
  31. The cerebellum contributes to the control of what function?
  32. Together, the somatic nervous system and the autonomic nervous system make up the ____ nervous system.
  33. If Kimiko had damage to her hypothalamus, which of the following would NOT be a symptom?
  34. After the damage to the ventral roots of the spinal cord, an individual will suffer what kind of loss?
  35. Professor Knowles is lecturing about the peripheral nervous system. She tells her class that the parasympathetic system primarily uses ____ to communicate.
  36. Computerized axial tomography creates an image from ____.
  37. The choroid plexus ____.
  38. Where would you find the dorsal root ganglia?
  39. Hilda is not feeling well and has been coughing and sneezing all day. These actions are controlled by her
  40. In which area of the brain would one find the tectum, tegmentum, superior and inferior colliculi, and substantia nigra?

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