Buy Best RLGN 340 Quiz 1 Religious Movements

Buy Best RLGN 340 Quiz 1 Religious Movements

RLGN 340 Quiz 1: Religious Movements, Judaism, and Christianity

  • What does “too profane” imply?
  • Documents that deal with the collapse and end of the world order are called:
  • What is the term for a journey to a sacred religious site, done as a devotional act?
  • What is a rosary?
  • Apocalyptic texts primarily are marked by:
  • What term is used to identify the authoritative texts of a religious tradition?
  • What is a convert from one religion to another called?
  • What is an individual called who is opposed to the use of religious images?
  • What was the popular kind of material on which many ancient Egyptian documents were written?
  • Who was the chief Greek god?
  • What are broken shards of pottery on which there is writing called?
  • What is an inscribed upright stone slab called?
  • Ugarit was the center of what culture?
  • What book(s) provided the Greeks with stories of many of their gods and goddesses?
  • In Babylonian mythology, who became the chief god?
  • Who was not one of the Hebrew patriarchs?
  • By what term is legal material in Jewish writings known?
  • The great Jewish lawgiver was:
  • What is the name of the head covering worn by Jewish men, particularly when they are at prayer?
  • The Karaites were Jews who were opposed to:
  • Who is acclaimed as the great restorer of the Torah after exile?
  • Which Talmud had the most influence on Judaism?
  • The term Ten Lost Tribes refers to what group of people?
  • Who was the primary Jewish aristocracy in First-century Palestine?
  • What does the term Zion identify?
  • Hanukkah commemorates:
  • According to the Jewish tradition, who was the First human?
  • What does a mezuzah contain?
  • Ashkenazi Jews show the cultural influences of what area?
  • What Jewish festival celebrates the escape of the Hebrews from Egyptian slavery?
  • What is the most popular guidebook for Torah observance for the modern observant Jew?
  • Rashi was a _____________ rabbinic commentator on the Bible and Talmud.
  • What Semitic word is a generic term for God?
  • A descendant of the Jewish high priestly family is accorded what honor in the synagogue?
  • Which Jewish group fought and defeated the Seleucid Greeks in Palestine?
  • Over what part of Christianity is the pope the head?
  • What was the popular name of the most famous translation of the Bible in English (officially known as the Authorized Version)?
  • What is the symbol based on the acrostic ichthus (Jesus Christ, son of God, savior)?
  • What was the theme of much of their writings of Augustine?
  • From what group of people did Christianity originally draw its saints?
  • Where does the pope reside?
  • Who opposed the use of the term Mother of God for Mary?
  • What period do the four Gospels primarily cover?
  • Which Christian group below did not begin in North America?
  • What Germanic tribe helped Christianize Western Europe?
  • How many sacraments does the Roman Catholic Church affirm?
  • What is another name for the Lord’s Prayer?
  • What Protestant group became the state church of the Scandinavian countries?
  • What was the name of the Bible widely used by the earliest Christians?
  • What was the main debate regarding baptism during the Protestant Reformation?

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