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THEO 313 Quiz: Christ’s Resurrection

  • The minimal facts approach employed by Dr. Habermas establishes Jesus’ resurrection as a historical reality.
  • In the video, Dr. Campbell emphasizes the theological significance of bodily resurrection noting that God created us as both spiritual and material beings.
  • is an example of the more radical critics who hold that the nature of the original eyewitnesses’ experiences cannot be ascertained.
  • held that the resurrection may be accepted by faith as an actual event, but it cannot be ascertained by any historical investigation.
  • A group of scholars is characterized by an interest in historical aspects of Jesus’ resurrection, affirming the empty tomb and the disciples’ experiences but do not believe the events surrounding Jesus’ resurrection can be historically verified. _ _ is one such scholar.
  • A group of scholars sees the historical evidence as demonstrating the probability that Jesus was literally raised from the dead. Perhaps the best-known theologian accepting this conclusion is _ _, who concluded that historical evidence demonstrates the empty tomb and Jesus’s literal appearances yet argued against a corporeal resurrection body in favor of appearances described in terms of a spiritual body.
  • According to Rom 10:9-10, believing in Jesus’ bodily resurrection is an essential aspect of salvation.
  • According to 1 Cor 15:20, Jesus’ bodily resurrection ensures believers’ resurrection.
  • Jesus’ bodily resurrection was not an essential component of the speeches in the book of Acts.
  • One of the most prominent contemporary theories regarding Jesus’ resurrection is that Jesus’ body was stolen.

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