Buy Best WRIT 403 Midterm

Buy Best WRIT 403 Midterm

  • In the references list, only the first word of a title is capitalized, plus the first word of a subtitle, and any proper nouns.
  • The engineering firm you work for is submitting a proposal to create an amphitheater at a state park. Proposals must be submitted in three-ring binders. You are in charge of assembling the binders. You decide to put section dividers tabs and an index into each proposal binder. Which measure of excellence in technical communication does this decision reflect?
  • Which of the following sentences best emphasizes the real subject?
  • Most technical documents are produced by professional technical communicators working alone.
  • When analyzing your audience in a writing situation, it is considered unethical to consider a reader’s education.
  • Communicating diplomatically involves a critical tone.
  • Which of the following is a run-on sentence?
  • When quoting the Bible, you should cite the version you are using (ESV, KJV, etc.).
  • For a source written by three, four, or five authors, include all the last names the first time you cite the reference and after that, include only the last name of the first author followed by “et al.”
  • Which of the following should NOT be included in a memo?
  • Which of the characteristics listed below does the following sentence exhibit? When a rescuer begins patient care, he should focus on basic life support and finalize his plan to decontaminate the patient.
  • One problem with templates in writing is that they can bore readers.
  • You are writing a research paper on the impacts of hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) on groundwater in your state. Through your research, you have found that a professor at a university in another state, Dr. Thomas Henry Wright, has conducted extensive research on the subject. You decide to write an inquiry letter to ask him some questions. Which salutation is most appropriate for your letter?
  • APA style provides guidance on citing books and articles but has not yet been published in format for electronic sources.
  • Proofreading is helpful for technical writers recently hired but is rarely used by more seasoned writers.
  • According to the text, planning can take more than one-third of the time on a writing project.
  • Chapter 14 describes two common letter formats. One is a modified block. What is the other format?
  • An effective technical document must be both concise and comprehensive.
  • According to Chapter 14, it is inappropriate to use headings in memos.
  • Which two things must you clearly understand in order to communicate successfully?
  • Companies hiring technical professionals such as engineers, scientists, and programmers focus primarily on the technical abilities of the candidates they consider for employment.
  • According to Chapter 4, one advantage of collaboration is that it helps acclimate new employees to an organization.
  • A salutation is a greeting at the beginning of a letter, traditionally consisting of the word “Dear,” the reader’s courtesy title and last name, and a colon.
  • Technical Writing differs from academic writing in its focus on the product more than the process.
  • According to the research cited in Chapter 4, which of the following behaviors might people from other cultures exhibit?

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