Buy Guided APOL 220 Quiz Contextualization and Inside-Out

Buy Guided APOL 220 Quiz Contextualization and Inside-Out

  1. Many of the assumptions of the pre-modern era align well with Christianity.
  2. Paul was a student of Greek culture because he committed to spending time studying their culture.
  3. Keller uses the analogy of stones and logs to describe A and B doctrines.
  4. Which basic period does this description refer to? People assumed that God or the gods had created the world.
  5. Consider this point: “He relates to their belief in supernatural beings.” Which audience was this contextualization directed to?
  6. “What can we affirm and what do we need to challenge” are questions from the inside part of the inside-out model.
  7. A uniquely cross-shaped approach to persuasion would include all of the following strategies, except:
  8. Paul suggests that to contextualize is to abandon the gospel message
  9. When Paul said he became “all things to all people,” he meant that he would go to wherever people were most comfortable in terms of:
  10. The speech before Felix the governor was an example of Jewish contextualization.
  11. This doctrine represents Christian beliefs that a particular culture finds difficult to accept, if not altogether repulsive.
  12. Which NT author provides us with some of the most immediate examples of contextualization?
  13. Settling a disagreement is often just a matter of providing enough evidence to support a claim about reality since all people interpret evidence through the same cultural lens.
  14. The current cultural context of “the spinmeister” includes the following common strategies for argument:
  15. Which basic period does this description refer to? It rejected the truth propagated by traditional authorities.
  16. An ironic effect of the culture of “spin” is that the harder a Christian attempts to persuade and win trust, the more distrustful their audience becomes.
  17. The gospel message is true for all people at all times and is the standard by which all cultures should be assessed.
  18. This analogy was used to describe the immanent frame:
  19. The hopes of Pre-modernism were dashed when it eventually became apparent that human reason alone was unable to curb violence or provide a universal system of morality.
  20. This is characterized by an overconfident picture through which to view the world
  21. Whenever the gospel is being presented in any culture, it is contextualized.
  22. For Paul, “ministry” meant a synthesis of what applied to real-life situations.
  23. To which culture did the apologetic method include an appeal to pragmatism?
  24. To “contextualize the gospel” means to translate it into the language and appropriate thought forms of the culture in which it is being shared.
  25. Cultural plausibility structures refer to the beliefs we deem plausible because the people around us support them.

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