Buy Guided APOL 520 Quiz 3 Reformation and Enlightenment

Buy Guided APOL 520 Quiz 3 Reformation and Enlightenment

  1. Starting in the 16th century, one characteristic of Europe was that:
  2. According to Calvin, the problem with man’s natural knowledge of God is that:
  3. According to Schleiermacher, belief in the central Christian claim of redemption through Christ can be believed:
  4. According to Butler, the burden of proof in the case of the reality of miracles lies with the:
  5. According to Butler, can revelation be demonstrated as true without a doubt?
  6. Which of the following is farthest from Schleiermacher’s apologetic approach?
  7. According to Dulles, Paley’s argument for the existence of God may not have given enough attention to:
  8. What was one characteristic of the 17th century?
  9. Leibniz’s theodicy argued that:
  10. Luther’s distinction between the earthly and the spiritual spheres was partially determined by his:
  11. According to Calvin, man can arrive at a knowledge of God’s existence by the contemplation of creation.
  12. According to Dulles, Calvin’s arguments for Scripture on the basis of miracles and prophecy are:
  13. Kant introduced the following dualism in the philosophical context of his day:
  14. According to Leibniz, the doctrine of hell is defensible because:
  15. Kierkegaard’s understanding of the relationship between faith and history is as follows:
  16. Which of the following is not a characteristic of 19th-century apologetics, according to Dulles?
  17. Which of these terms best captures Schleiermacher’s approach to conventional Christian faith and the task of apologetics?
  18. The relationship between Lessing and Reimarus is as follows:
  19. John Henry Newman’s argument for the truth of Christianity in Grammar of Assent is based on:
  20. Locke takes for granted the historicity of the biblical miracles.
  21. Leibniz’s philosophical system sought to reconcile:
  22. According to Pascal, the certainties of the faith are available to:
  23. William Paley is well known for his apologetic argument.
  24. The main interlocutor of the first part of Pascal’s Pensees is:
  25. Locke’s epistemology can be broadly described as:
  26. Describe Pascal’s wager in under 100 words.
  27. Does Calvin believe that natural theology is possible? Does creation demonstrate the existence of God? Why? Your response should be under 100 words.

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