Buy Guided AVIA 300 Quiz 5 Reactive Safety

Buy Guided AVIA 300 Quiz 5 Reactive Safety


  1. Some investigators ask themselves three questions to test if a finding is indeed causal. This is often called the three-step causation test. What are those questions? (select all that apply)
  2. Aircraft accidents prompt strong emotional responses and confusion.
  3. The ICAO, FAA, and NTSB can ALL AGREE on how to exactly define the definition of what a finding is.
  4. On 24-hour alert, _______ personnel possesses a wide range of accident investigation skills.
  5. The FAA’s principal investigator in an accident is also called the
  6. The accident report is NOT all about the recommendations. Establishing the findings and causes paves the way for crafting them.
  7. Investigators are trained to avoid distractions from so-called red herrings, which is an expression referring to information that appears significant but actually is not and which draws attention away from the issue at hand.
  8. What member of the NTSB Go-team examines navigation and communication facilities, procedures, and flight handling, including ground-to-air voice transmissions, and develop flight histories from Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC) and terminal facility radar records?
  9. Investigators must assemble to carefully collect and analyze data from the accident site and research background issues that were present, all under the careful leadership of an IIC.
  10. Today, during the process of cause determination, we should keep the following items in mind. There is not a single cause for an aircraft accident. Accidents are always
  11. ICAO, the NTSB, and the FAA are governmental organizations that all play pivotal roles in accident investigations.
  12. According to ICAO Annex 13, the responsibility for an investigation belongs to the?
  13. We investigate accidents to prevent future ones.
  14. The NTSB aviation accident database contains information dating from ______ about civil aviation accidents and selected incidents within the United States, its territories and possessions, and in international waters.
  15. Since the _____ lacks regulatory authority over the ______ and aviation industry, one of its most important functions is to strongly recommend and advocate appropriate _____ actions that will improve aviation safety.
  16. Accident theory has remained static in sophistication through the years.
  17. In the Spanair Flight 5022 accident, after the investigators collected and analyzed all the information, it was time to write the accident report. One key section of the report is the Findings, which resulted in a long list of ____ total findings.
  18. Proactively finding, evaluating, and controlling safety-related hazards obviously facilitate accident prevention.
  19. According to the textbook, what is a Cause?
  20. Recommendations are based on ________ of the investigation and may address deficiencies that do not pertain directly to what is ultimately determined to be the cause of the accident.
  21. What are some of the NTSB’s items from their most wanted list?
  22. According to the textbook, what is a Finding?
  23. The investigation party of the Spanair Flight 5022 accident included members from the following organizations:
  24. The ________ recommendations made to the FAA are the NTSB’s end product.
  25. According to the textbook, what is a Recommendation?

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