Buy Guided CCOU 202 Quiz 2 / Final Exam

Buy Guided CCOU 202 Quiz 2 / Final Exam

  1. Which of the following is an essential element of a training curriculum regarding spiritual issues in therapy is
  2. According to the text, familiarity with the ethical codes helps, however, they may lack the nuance necessary in very complicated situations.
  3. The aim of every therapist is to be helpful to those they serve and to avoid hurting those in their care. The aim to serve is called ____________, while the avoidance of causing harm to clients is called ______________.
  4. Research supports that specific therapy techniques accounts for only ______% of the outcomes in therapy. (pg 102)
  5. Mental health codes emphasize that therapists should recognize the boundaries of their competence based on which of the following?
  6. According to the author, couples’ therapists should remain neutral and not presuppose that successful therapy should restore a more positive relationship. For example, it would be best for a therapist to say, “Therapy will determine whether you should continue your relationship or if breaking up is more beneficial.”
  7. This ethical principle is one that seeks to do the right thing regardless of costs and benefits.
  8. Informed consent is usually provided through some combination of printed information or disclosure, a written agreement signed by the client, and verbal discussion properly documented by the therapist.
  9. The limits of confidentiality discontinues to apply following the death of a client.
  10. Christian therapists may draw from at least three sources for help in ethical decision making. Which of the following is not one of these sources mentioned in the text?
  11. Which of the following cases would require mandated reporting?
  12. Which of the following best describes Psychological First Aid (PFA)?
  13. Pargament (2007, 2009) asserts that there is certainly overlap between spiritual matters and mental health matters and that the two are synonymous.
  14. According to the text, a debriefing model includes a single session to
  15. When a Christian professional decides to travel to another cultural setting to offer aid and support after a crisis, it is important to remember that first aid
  16. Which of the following is a basic aspect identified in the text regarding informed consent?
  17. Which of the following is the first step in the ethical decision-making model?
  18. Which of the following is not one of the eight components of PFA?
  19. Government-sponsored institutions such as state hospitals, public schools, and the military
  20. Federal and state laws also speak to the protection of client information. An example of this is when Congress passed the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA).
  21. Studies show that perceptions of a client’s “controllability” over their illness influences clinicians’ willingness to help. For Christian counselors, it is important to try to approach situations objectively. If biases are present and unable to be overcome, counselors may need to refer clients to another clinician.
  22. Child abuse reporting is mandatory in all fifty states for those who are in professions that provide direct care and services to the care and treatment of children.
  23. Consultation may actually be considered at any point in the decision-making process.
  24. Clients can sue therapists for being treated without consent, even if the treatment was competent in all other aspects.
  25. Which of the following is one of the reasons why Koocher and Keith-Spiegel state that therapists behave unethically (2008)?
  26. The APA urges therapists to gain competency in understanding and evaluating spiritual issues in therapy. If therapists are unable to do so, which of the following best describes what is expected?
  27. Recent research has shown that many previous presuppositions regarding schizophrenia are untrue. There is more of a genetic component than what was previously believed.
  28. The psychotherapeutic profession used to pattern itself after which model?
  29. The APA ethics code does not have specific statements about competence in the provision of services during emergencies.
  30. With the exception of reporting of child abuse, psychologists do not have an obligation to report to authorities when a client has committed a crime unless the activity suggests that future criminal behavior is likely to occur and future harm to a third party might be avoided by reporting.
  31. Which of the following describes a “legal protection against being forced to break a promise or expectation of confidentiality in legal proceedings?”
  32. Which of the following is the ethical principle that emphasizes the formation of moral character and the relational influence of the professional over and above moral decisions and duties?
  33. Therapists should be aware that the ethical codes of one’s profession may be in conflict with state or federal laws regarding record keeping. Which of the following normally take first priority according to the text?
  34. Therapists can find themselves losing objectivity and thus their effectiveness when dealing with client’s moral/value concerns or their own moral/value concerns. Which of the following is a way recommended in the text to deal with this?
  35. Which of the following best refers to the “quality of private information that is divulged with the implicit or explicit promise and the reasonable expectation that it will not be further disclosed except for the purpose for which it was provided?”
  36. Which of the following is not a basic theme that are considered the focus of a traditional Christian marriage ethic?
  37. One significant issue in working with youth has to do with specifying who is the client.
  38. Therapists bear primary responsibility for records and other information about a child client because the child cannot decide independently.
  39. Therapists who earnestly believe that therapy is either value-free or that they can easily minimize the influence of values in therapy
  40. The emphasize on “ESRs” is supported by a review of literature by Lambert and Barley (2002), which indicated that relationship factors and factors common to different therapies accounted for _______ of the variance in therapy outcomes.
  41. What are three broad goals of counseling a patient with a chronic illness?
  42. According to the text, good informed consents provide the client information about
  43. Few ethical constraints within the field of counseling are as universally accepted as confidentiality.
  44. If a client presents with a behavioral disorder and frequently displays behaviors that violate a counselor’s Christian ethics, it is the counselor’s responsibility to make sure that he/she still gives objective, competent service to the client.
  45. There are three key issues in couples’ therapy that relate to the principle of integrity. Which of the following is not one of these mentioned in the text?
  46. Which of the following was not identified in the text as a way to deal with client value concerns?
  47. According to the American Psychological Association, over the last several decades child mental health problems have
  48. Research indicates that clients perceive therapy as more effective when therapists influence the process by imparting their clinical expertise, however, when clients perceive the therapist’s influence as coercive in nature, they view it as a negative and possibly even harmful way.
  49. In recent years there has been a large push for
  50. Which of the following is not one of the three models for addressing spiritual issues in therapy?

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