Buy Guided CCOU 301 Quiz 3 Family Spirituality, Gender Roles and Sexuality

Buy Guided CCOU 301 Quiz 3 Family Spirituality, Gender Roles and Sexuality

  1. According to the textbook, which of the following are the reason(s) why gender roles are changing?
  2. A study by Lauer, Lauer, and Kerr (1995) reports which of the following as being essential to success in marriage?
  3. Multigenerational households are most common during which of the following stages?
  4. Based on the work done by Anne Borrowdale (1996), which level of conflict or offense occurs when children’s basic needs are unacknowledged, overridden, or disregarded?
  5. According to Myron Chartier, God shows His parental love in how many ways?
  6. Which of the following is the primary reason family members fail to express their love to one another?
  7. Neopsychoanalytic theory posits that …
  8. Galatians 5:22-23 (speaking of the fruit of the Spirit) is an example of how the Bible has more to say about…
  9. When a man in a committed relationship ejaculates, his oxytocin spikes _______ %.
  10. One approach to discipline, permissive parenting, stresses that a child’s greatest need is for ______________ and
  11. To which of the 14 rules for a fair fight does this statement fall: Asking your partner to vindicate him or herself is counterproductive in fair fighting?
  12. According to Marjorie Thompson (1996), families intentionally communicate the values and vision of faith in two basic ways:
  13. According to Lewis Smedes (1994) which of the following is not a principle of sexuality?
  14. According to the course text,
  15. The family conflict that is collective means …
  16. The foundation for authentic sexuality in marriage is ________ (1 Corinthians 7:4-5).
  17. The launching stage…
  18. Achieving authentic sexuality depends more on…
  19. Children are now viewed as being __________.
  20. When considering the use of discipline in parenting,
  21. According to the textbook, differentiated faith in the context of family life is
  22. F. Skinner…
  23. Which of the following theorists follow a cognitive model of child development?
  24. Which of the following is not one of the biblical doctrines to which the textbook bases its critique of child-development theories?
  25. Which of the following is not a form of a non-verbal expression of love?
  26. Research shows that there are two different types of leaders; Socioemotional and
  27. Which is not included as a stage of child development postulated by Freud?
  28. According to the research by King and Furrow (2004),
  29. According to the text, adolescent strain and rebellion are often escalated by
  30. According to the research, which of the following is the most accurate concerning how parents show affection towards their sons and daughters?
  31. Boatner speaks on the importance of fathers cited through research and the void that absent fathers have on their children. Describe the consequences of absent fathers on their children and methods we can employ to help fathers become more successful. What would change the narrative in our society which belittles fathers?
  32. Discuss in at least 2 paragraphs Nature/Nurture as it pertains to gender differences (the formation of masculinity & femininity) including how the Bible can be applied.
  33. Identify 5 rules for a fair fight as listed in chapter 14. Provide a one-sentence description of each.
  34. Describe Bandura’s (Social Learning Theory) theory of child development. (Pg. 134–135.)
  35. Thoroughly explain Sexual Initiation and Refusal as described by Dr. Thomas in our video presentation. Define and describe each as they apply to the marital relationship including healthy ways to create connection.
  36. Discuss the biblical perspective on human sexuality.

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