Buy Guided CCOU 304 Quiz 3 Life Transitions

Buy Guided CCOU 304 Quiz 3 Life Transitions


  1. True or false: We should not offer help to those with disabilities, in case we insult them.
  2. True or false: It is helpful to consider even ordinary tasks when trying to help someone with chronic pain.
  3. What should be our standard for our emotions?
  4. True or false: We have a choice in how we think and act in response to our emotions.
  5. What is the source of our emotions?
  6. Which of these is not a thinking error:
  7. True or false: Communication with people, in general, is difficult for those who struggle with depression.
  8. It is important to think of disabled persons first as
  9. True or false: Chronic pain is usually easy to treat.
  10. Which of the following is not a type of change for those dealing with chronic pain that Bev Hislop lists?

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