Buy Guided CEFS 601 Quiz Family Systems and Structures; Gender, Culture, Ethnicity

Buy Guided CEFS 601 Quiz Family Systems and Structures; Gender, Culture, Ethnicity

  • Behavior is best understood by examining its interactional context, according to:
  • One goal of gender-sensitive family therapy is to:
  • Today, working wives:
  • Men’s studies draw attention to the socialization of men toward:
  • Which group of family therapists is most apt to study family transitions?
  • Closed systems tend to become disorganized and go into disorder. This is known as:
  • A common impact of migration on families is/are:
  • For most families, engagement with larger systems are
  • The way a family organizes and maintains itself at any given time refers to its
  • Which of the following is NOT an example of a sudden, disruptive, and discontinuous life cycle change event in a family’s history?
  • The leading advocates today of a multidimensional, multicultural view of the life cycle concept are:
  • Hardy & Laszloffy have proposed a ____________ to help people trace their heritage
  • The view that there are multiple versions of reality, or narratives, within a family comes from the:
  • Most divorced persons:
  • Reciprocal determinism refers to
  • Which of the following is an example of a sudden, disruptive, and discontinuous life change?
  • A general cultural sensitivity to families characterizes (best answer):
  • Coontz views marriage as a
  • Family stage markers are events in a family’s life that:
  • Combrinck-Graham suggests that three generational family development frequently alternates between:
  • When family therapists refer to first-order cybernetics, they are attending to:
  • By marital quid pro quo, Jackson was referring to:
  • Developmental tasks:
  • The theory of social ecology, including four levels of influence, was proposed by
  • Systems theory:
  • In working with immigrant families, family therapists need to remain aware of:
  • An idiosyncratic family pattern refers to:
  • Family therapist Virginia Satir helped families
  • “Objectivity per se does not exist; each member has his or her legitimate viewpoint regarding family reality.” This statement is likely to be made by an adherent of:
  • Advocates of a new epistemology, such as Dell, view the therapist’s role as helping the family:
  • An example of a vertical stressor is:
  • A family member’s longest set of relationships are likely to be:
  • Lesbian parents:
  • The erosion of family structure among economically impoverished families often leads to:
  • Families coping with an adolescent frequently must deal with:
  • Cybernetics refers to a system’s method of:
  • The _________ of subsystem boundaries is more important for effective familiy function than the composition of the family subsystems.
  • Systems oriented clinicians are most interested in:
  • In a joint legal custody arrangement, both parents:
  • “A disturbed mother produces disturbed children.” This statement is offered by the authors as an example of:
  • The major transition to be achieved before launching children involves:
  • Minuchin, a structuralist, views symptomatic behavior in a family member as rooted in:
  • If content is the language of linear causality, then _________________ is the language of circular causality:
  • Classical theories (psychoanalysis) that focus on the individual probably emphasize:
  • The family therapist who joins a family and engages in a dialogue rather than observing from outside is probably an advocate of:
  • Each family system:
  • As children grow up and leave home, the family’s developmental task involves:
  • A family’s metarules refers to
  • Life-cycle concepts should be seen within the context of issues such as:
  • Feminists are critical of the cybernetic concept of circular causality in male-female relationships because of the implication of:

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