Buy Guided CJUS 231 Research Paper 1

Buy Guided CJUS 231 Research Paper 1

The purpose of this project is to discuss the role of the case report and the language required to complete a case report. The paper should discuss the role of note-taking and how it serves as the foundation for completing case reports. Additionally, the paper should discuss the major components of a case report in detail, including the face sheet/cover sheet, Introduction, Reporting Person/Victim Statements, Witness Statements, Suspect Statements, and Facts of the case and how these elements are critical to both, the completion of the report as well as any future investigations. All papers must be completed through the lens of a Biblical Worldview where students will incorporate appropriate biblical passages and resources. The article must be completed in APA formatting and consist of 3 to 5 pages of text (excluding all title, abstract, and reference pages). In addition to the course text, all papers must utilize at least 3 outside scholarly sources to support evaluation and analysis.

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