Buy Guided CJUS 350 Discussion Board 3

Buy GuidedCJUS 350 Discussion Board 3

Standard Operating Procedures

The following set of behaviors easily could be added to a department’s standard operating procedures under the ethics category. These behaviors are unacceptable and are viewed by the police and corrections department as unethical:

  • Accepting gratuities (e.g., gifts, favors, money, or anything given to you for free.)
  • Using unnecessary force (e.g., physical abuse, emotional mistreatment, or roughing up suspects in custody)
  • Discrimination (mistreating individuals on the basis of race, age, gender, religion, culture, sexual preference, or national origin)
  • Lying in any form (including creating facts to incriminate or protect another)
  • Violating laws, rights, or procedures (e.g., intentionally making a false arrest, filing a false report, or purposely ignoring departmental procedures)

Add 5 more unacceptable behaviors to this list.

Additionally, for each behavior listed, you must also provide a rationale as to why you feel it should be included in a list of sops.

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