Buy Guided COUC 504 Quiz 2 Social Justice

Buy Guided COUC 504 Quiz 2 Social Justice

COUC 504 Quiz 2: Social Justice

Module 2: Week 2

  • __________ can influence privilege.
  • The ______ of the ACA Advocacy Competencies consists of client/student empowerment and client/student advocacy.
  • Poor children compared with more economically advantaged children experience
  • In 2015 the ACA Multicultural Counseling Competencies were revised to become the
  • The disease concept of racism primarily refers to
  • Voicing racial slurs when discussing people of color primarily refers to a(n) __________ disposition.
  • The _____ costs of racism refer to associated physical and physiological symptoms and consequences experienced by people of color (e.g., hypertension, chronic fatigue, preterm infants).
  • Whites demonstrating the ______ psychological disposition engage in limited, stereotypical thinking about non-Whites and deny the existence of racism.
  • Assessing __________ will provide an opportunity for professional counselors and clients to openly discuss obvious differences in your respective SES.
  • A living wage is best described as
  • Which of the following statements most accurately describes a social class in the United States?
  • Inequities in property taxes may lead to inequities in
  • Like post-modern formulations of multiculturalism, Christianity provides the little foundation for the ability to make the clear moral statement, “Racism is wrong.”
  • History demonstrates that communism as a form of government is a social justice success story.
  • Over the 200+ years of the United States’ existence, Christianity has only been used by White people to reinforce racism.

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