Buy Guided COUC 698 Quiz Ethics

Buy Guided COUC 698 Quiz Ethics

  1. In the context of a counseling relationship, the ACA Code of Ethics expects the counselor to:
  2. The primary responsibility of a counselor is:
  3. When counselors develop a counseling plan, they should:
  4. Which of the following is TRUE regarding informed consent:
  5. Stephen is a Licensed Counselor who believes in sexual abstinence before marriage.
    He started counseling with Rebekah and Andrew, who are seeking counseling due to financial problems. Stephen learns that Rebekah and Andrew are cohabiting, and this goes against his personal beliefs regarding sexual abstinence. In this instance, Stephen should:
  6. A counselor may go on dates with a current client after office hours as long as they don’t have sexual intercourse and don’t discuss their dates during counseling sessions:
  7. Counselors may pursue romantic or sexual relationships with their clients as soon as their counselor-client relationship has ended.
  8. Counselors in training (interns) must meet with their supervisors to be monitored and to receive feedback on their clinical performance and professional development:
  9. When a client offers a gift to the counselor, the counselor should:
  10. In which of the following situations would be appropriate to terminate the counseling relationship?
  11. Counselors can share the information they gather from the clients with the client’s immediate family if counselors believe that this will improve the family dynamics.
  12. Stacey has recently been licensed as a Licensed Professional Counselor. She just read an article about a new technique that is meant to help individuals process their childhood trauma. Stacey would like to try this new technique. As per the ACA Code of Ethics, what would Stacey need to do?
  13. When counselors become aware of their own personal impairment of physical, mental, or emotional nature, they:
  14. When counselors decide to terminate their practice, they:
  15. Richard is enrolled in graduate school pursuing his master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. As soon as he reaches the internship stage he publicly advertises himself as a Marriage and Family Therapist. Richard’s representation is in complete alignment with the ACA Code of Ethics.
  16. Raquel who is interning at a Government-funded counseling agency has a strong belief regarding traditional marriage between a man and a woman and strongly opposes homosexual lifestyles. Thus when Lydia, who is in an openly homosexual relationship, comes into counseling because she has been feeling depressed after the death of her brother, Raquel tells her that she can’t meet with Lydia because of her homosexual lifestyle. Raquel is in violation of the ACA Code of Ethics.
  17. When interacting with professionals from other disciplines, counselors should
  18. When interns become aware of inappropriate policies or practices at their site, they:
  19. Because the relationship is not of therapeutic nature, counselors and supervisors may engage in romantic or sexual relationships with current supervisees.
  20. Sexual harassment is permitted between a supervisor and a supervisee.
  21. Supervisors are ethically responsible to address any limitations which should impede their supervisee’s performance. Additionally, they could recommend dismissal from training programs, applied counseling settings, or state or voluntary professional credentialing processes when the supervisees are not able to provide competent professional services.
  22. Supervisors endorse supervisees for certification, licensure, employment, or completion of an academic program.
  23. Counselor educators provide assessment and feedback to students:
  24. A lack of knowledge or misunderstanding of an ethical responsibility may constitute a plausible defense against a charge of unethical conduct.
  25. Mark is doing his internship at a community counseling agency. He recently began seeing Rob a 26 years old graduate student who wants to get his drinking under control because of a recent DUI. In one of the sessions, Rob discloses that he has been having sexual relations with his 9-year-old brother, but he claims that this act is consensual. What should Mark do in this situation:

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