Buy Guided DBPC 610 Exam 2

Buy Guided DBPC 610 Exam 2

  1. A girl’s sense of self-worth and personal dignity are directly linked to what? [Bringing Up Girls]
  2. Oxytocin is often known as what? [Bringing Up Girls]
  3. Mothers take the place of fathers in their daughters’ lives. [Bringing Up Girls]
  4. One of the cornerstones of human relationships is . [Bringing Up Girls]
  5. In the sixties and seventies, what concept was introduced to younger generations? [Bringing Up Girls]
  6. Although self-hatred has many causes in different circumstances, what factor seems to be relatively common? [Bringing Up Girls]
  7. Puberty is set into motion by . [Bringing Up Girls]
  8. Bullying and violence among girls are . [Bringing Up Girls]
  9. According to researcher George Barna, it is to influence children spiritually as they grow [Your Legacy: The Greatest Gift]
  10. When someone starts hanging around friends with the wrong influence they can redirect
  11. What is the term that explains the effort to introduce the truth of the Bible and of Christ to others? [Your Legacy: The Greatest Gift]
  12. Instead of focusing on , many churches choose to focus on
  13. Which of the following is true of moral relativism? [Your Legacy: The Greatest Gift]
  14. Which of the following is NOT one of the four assets that Zach, son of Mitch and Windsor from chapter 8 of Your Legacy: The Greatest Gift, has working in his favor? [Your Legacy: The Greatest Gift]
  15. According to author Jean Lush, what two categories should household chores be divided into? [Teaching Children to Work (video)]
  16. How should parents instruct their children in work? [Teaching Children to Work (video)]
  17. What is the development of self-esteem the foundation for? [Adolescent Identity Development and Self-Esteem (video)]
  18. Students with this career-related identity usually have very close relationships with their parents and go into the same fields as their parents. [Adolescent Identity Development and Self-Esteem (video)]
  19. What is the first part of the brain that reacts to emotion, such as a fear response? [Adolescent Identity Development and Self-Esteem (video)]
  20. Implicit memory is to memory as explicit memory is too.

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