Buy Guided ENGL 333 Quiz 5

Buy Guided ENGL 333 Quiz 5

  1. A dependent clause:
  2. A restrictive relative clause merely adds information.
  3. A relative pronoun can be “who” or “that.”
  4. Which is the adjective in the following? “She was very tall.”
  5. What is a clause?
  6. Which of the following contains an adjectival?
  7. Which of the following is a phrase, not a clause?
  8. Proper punctuation is primarily grammar based.
  9. What is the predicate in the following: “They flew over the housetops.”
  10. A relative clause is the same thing as an adjective clause.
  11. Which of the following has an adjective clause?
  12. One important use of a period is to separate an independent clause from a dependent one, within a sentence.
  13. An appositive adjective may precede the modified noun.
  14. An adjectival construction may be found before or after the modified noun.
  15. An adjective clause is found after the modified noun.

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