Buy Guided GLST 200 Quiz 2 Kingdom of God

Buy Guided GLST 200 Quiz 2 Kingdom of God

GLST 200 Quiz: The Kingdom of God and the Gentiles

Module 2: Week 2

  • Which is NOT one of the three standard positions on the uniqueness of Christ and the adequacy of other religions (see Van Engen)?
  • Which of the following BEST describes the victory of the kingdom of God?
  • According to Hawthorne, the Great Commission should take precedence over the Great Commandments.
  • Jesus used encounters with non-Jewish people to give his disciples an “all-peoples” perspective.
  • The greek word ethnos means…
  • According to Piper, the greek phrase panta ta ethne (“all nations”) refers to …
  • In the Great Commission, the command to “make disciples” means to expose people to the gospel without regard to results.
  • According to Hawthorne, the Great Commission describes a process and not a goal.
  • Which of the following is NOT an element of exclusivism?
  • According to Goerner, what do the sending of 12 and 70 disciples represent?
  • In the Great Commission, the phrase “all nations” refers to Gentiles in general.
  • Jesus claimed the title “Son of Man” for himself, thus identifying with the whole human race.
  • According to N.T. Wright, the work of redemption at the cross should be seen as wholly separate from the inauguration of God’s kingdom.
  • Universalism teaches that none will be lost, all will be saved.
  • Which of the following is NOT an element of inclusivism?
  • According to Hawthorne, the greatest way of loving our Lord is to:
  • The vision of a universal kingdom only became evident at the END of Jesus’ ministry.
  • The “Great Commission” was the first time Jesus revealed his purpose to save the Gentiles.
  • According to Ladd, in the New Testament, the “gospel of the Kingdom” is the SAME as the message of salvation.
  • In the New Testament, the singular use of the Greek term ethnos never refers to Gentile individuals.
  • What is the PRIMARY meaning of the word “kingdom” in the Bible?
  • In Matthew 24:14, the gospel refers to the message about the _________.
  • According to Ladd, the “gospel of the Kingdom” was for the Jews only.
  • If we are joining in with God in His mission, we are to:
  • According to McQuilkin, the Bible teaches that God’s judgment is based on a person’s response to the truth he has received.

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