Buy Guided HIUS 222 Historical Case Study Quiz

Buy Guided HIUS 222 Historical Case Study Quiz

  1. How many people were killed in the Great Strike of 1877?
  2. What role did the federal government play in the Great Strike of 1877?
  3. Which city suffered major fire damage as a result of the strike?
  4. Where did the 1877 Strike begin?
  5. Was Allan Pinkerton, founder of Pinkerton Detective Agency, sympathetic to or critical of the plight of tramps?
  6. What newspaper argued that if strikers continued to be violent, “the remedy of bullets and bayonets should be applied to them”?
  7. What did Frank Bellew’s cartoon compare railroads to in 1874?
  8. What did Albert Parsons advocate?
  9. Who killed Bill Veeck’s plan to buy the Philadelphia Phillies in 1943 and stock the team with black players?
  10. What award did Jackie Robinson win in 1956?
  11. Who visited the Manhattan School for Boys with Jackie Robinson in 1959?
  12. What did Jackie Robison tell Robert Kennedy in May 1961?
  13. Jackie Robinson won the 1947 Rookie of the Year Award.
  14. Who gave a speech to the “One Hundred Percent Wrong Club” in 1956?
  15. Jackie Robinson told Branch Richey in a 1946 letter that he was not under contract with any team in the Negro Leagues.
  16. What did Jackie Robinson start doing in 1949 that Branch Rickey had asked him not to do before?
  17. Jackie Robinson participated in the March on D.C. in August 1963.

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