Buy Guided HIUS 380 Quiz 5 Cold War

Buy Guided HIUS 380 Quiz 5 Cold War

HIUS 380 Quiz 5: Cold War/Vietnam

  1. What General encouraged his people to think outside the box and avoided the obsession with numbers that had prevailed in Vietnam?
  2. What offensive in January 1968 nearly destroyed the North Vietnamese Army?
  3. What was the name of the American victory in Vietnam during the Presidency of Richard Nixon that essentially represented a public relations disaster?
  4. The term describing the meetings of civilian leadership that met in the White House to discuss targeting during the Vietnam War was
  5. The President who had along with his staff achieved success using “Gradual Escalation” during the Cuban Missile Crisis was:
  6. The major U.S. victory saw an overwhelming U.S. victory of only 155 losses in relation to thousands of the enemy but saw the enemy increasingly controlling the strategic initiative by determining where and when the fight would occur was at.
  7. What major battle in Vietnam during 1967 saw the enemy fighting and firing from the hip as they carried wounded comrades?
  8. The younger advisors favored by President John F. Kennedy and derisively called by the military “Whiz Kids” included a statistical manager who advocated civilian control over the military. Who was this?
  9. Who said “the Vietnamese people are the prize” characterized the approach to fighting the Vietnam War:
  10. The General who stood up to President Eisenhower and prevented the deployment of troops to Vietnam was:
  11. President Eisenhower’s “New Look” placed an emphasis on:
  12. The President who supported Ngo Van Diem in South Vietnam despite the Geneva Accords and the requirement for an election was:
  13. Place the following Vietnam War battles in the correct order:
  14. Who advocated using enclaves and then “search and destroy” missions to win the war in Vietnam?
  15. The legislation authorizing the President “to take all necessary measures to repel the armed attack . . . “would be known as:

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