Buy Guided HIUS 390 Quiz Reconstruction

Buy Guided HIUS 390 Quiz Reconstruction

HIUS 390 Quiz: Reading — Reconstruction and Agricultural Modernization

  1. What hampered the Republicans in Virginia from creating a majority party following the Civil War and eventually led to their defeat?
  2. Which group of people in Virginia supported the Readjusters in their fight over the Funding Act?
  3. What did the Funders, who supported the Funding Act with a traditional economic approach, base their position on?
  4. What consumed most of the political rhetoric in the 1870s in Virginia?
  5. The “Underwood Constitution” of 1868 can best be described as what?
  6. Which group of Virginians was key in furthering the concept of the “Lost Cause” and establishing it in the public memory?
  7. What was the economic movement from the 1870s-1890s called that aimed to diversify agriculture across the south and expand industrial capabilities?
  8. According to the textbook authors, what was NOT a result of the racism Virginia experienced around the turn of the 20th century (the 1900s)?
  9. What was ultimately responsible for Virginia losing its position as the leading tobacco producer in the country, nearly 300 years after the plant had saved the colony?
  10. What industry was at the heart of the New South economic movement in Virginia in the 1870s-1890s?
  11. What caused the Readjusters Party to begin to break down in Virginia?
  12. What was the main source of assistance to freed blacks in the immediate aftermath of the Civil War?
  13. What was NOT a cause reformers confronted in Virginia around the turn of the 20th century (the 1900s)?
  14. What was NOT one of the strengths of the Riddleberger Act of 1882, which caused Virginia to be able to pay down its debt and run a surplus within a few years of the bill passing?
  15. At its height, what was the largest number of veterans who resided at the R. E. Lee Camp Soldiers’ Home?
  16. What made Marion Harland’s cookbook so readable?
  17. According to the presentation of Virginia’s 1902 Constitution, which state constitution was in effect in Virginia for the longest time?
  18. What was NOT a problem that resulted from Virginia’s Funding Act that was passed in 1871?
  19. At what age did Marion Harland first start submitting stories for publication in magazines?
  20. How did baseball help Richmonders cope with the perceived disorder in society following the drastic changes in America in the late nineteenth century?

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