Buy Guided HIUS 512 Quiz 1-2-3-4-5

Buy Guided HIUS 512 Quiz 1-2-3-4-5

HIUS 512 Quiz 1

  1. Per Thomas Kidd, how did various “radical Christian” groups contribute to the coming American Revolution?
  2. All were true of Jefferson’s religious views EXCEPT:
  3. What colony particularly attracted German immigrants?
  4. What was the name for the special artwork in the Capitol Rotunda of George Washington ascending to heaven?
  5. Why was George Robert Twelves Hewes significant?
  6. What feisty immigrants came to America in large numbers before the Revolution, and often settled on the frontier, where they were a barrier against the Indians?
  7. What great Jefferson scholar at the University of Virginia describes the way future generations of Americans appropriated Jefferson’s various “legacies”?
  8. With what slave woman was Thomas Jefferson supposed to have had a long-term relationship?
  9. What Virginian dramatically denounced the Stamp Act, in May of 1776, and sponsored a series of spectacular anti-tax resolutions?
  10. What Virginia governor issued a 1779 Thanksgiving Proclamation, asking that God “would go forth with our hosts and crown our arms with victory; that he would grant to his church, the plentiful effusions of divine grace, and pour out his holy spirit on all Ministers of the gospel; and spread the light of Christian knowledge through the remotest corners of the earth. . .; pardon all our sins, and receive us into his favor; [and] would establish the independence of these United States upon the basis of religion and
    . . .”?
  11. What colony had the greatest concentration of Congregationalists?
  12. What Whowasthemostinfluentialhistorianofthe19th the century, stressing“Whiggish” themes of freedom, nationalism, democracy, providence, and American exceptionalism?
  13. What political party, associated with John Adams, was opposed by Thomas Jefferson?
  14. What accomplishments did Thomas Jefferson want on his tombstone?
  15. What instrument did Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry play?
  16. What Indian chief launched a bloody rebellion in 1763?
  17. What merchant ship was severely damaged by a colonial mob, in 1765, and was an example of brazen opposition to British customs policy and seizures?
  18. Where did Jefferson serve the United States as a diplomat?
  19. All were true of English politics and national affairs on the eve of the American Revolution EXCEPT:
  20. All characterized the historical method and emphasis of George Bancroft EXCEPT:
  21. Who played a leading role in British colonial affairs, until 1761, with involvement in the Privy Council and the Board of Trade?
  22. Where did Thomas Jefferson attend college?
  23. What British general did Washington serve under during a disastrous campaign in the West in 1755 during the French and Indian War?
  24. Whose admiring biography of George Washington greatly influenced Americans in the 19th century?
  25. What did a Quaker named Potts see George Washington do at Valley Forge?
  26. Who spoke at the Constitutional Convention, noting God’s gracious providence during the War for Independence, saying ““the longer I live, the more convincing proofs I see of the Truth—that God governs in the affairs of Men . . . We have been assured, Sir, in the Sacred Writings, that ‘except the Lord build the House, they labor in vain that build it.’ I firmly believe this; and I also believe, that, without his concurring Aid, we shall succeed in this political Building no better than the Builders of Babel.”

HIUS 512 Quiz 2

  1. What Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court emphasized that the United States was founded as a Christian nation, with its law and rights anchored in Christ and the Bible?
  2. Patrick Henry had all the following jobs EXCEPT:
  3. What English king was executed in 1649 after The English Civil War – an event American colonists celebrated as a triumph over tyranny?
  4. What Bible passage (invoked by American Presidents) promises that God will forgive His people and heal their land – if they will humble themselves, pray, seek God’s face and turn from their wicked ways?
  5. What Parliamentary leader (and former Prime Minister) was sympathetic to the colonies and their constitutional concerns and had a celebrated debate on the Stamp Act in Parliament with another former Prime Minister?
  6. What was the new title of William Pitt once he was elevated to the peerage (and ineligible to serve in the House of Commons)?
  7. In what region of the country were Anglicans most likely to be patriots who supported the Revolutionary cause?
  8. What was the nickname of Rhode Island leaders who wanted a royal charter (rather than living in a colony run by “the Herd”), and who was considered a sinister and intriguing group?
  9. What were South Carolina Presbyterians especially noted for?
  10. What migrant group flooded to the colonies in the 1770s, moving especially to the frontier?
  11. What currency initiative of the 1740s was led by Sam Adams’ father – although it was left him saddled with debt and bad feelings about the British?
  12. How did the mob treat George Meserve, a New Hampshire Stamp Tax collector who resigned his post (actually resigning on multiple occasions)?
  13. What 1766 British act, at the time of the repeal of the Stamp Act, made matters even worse by saying that Parliament had the authority to bind the colonies “in all matters whatsoever”?
  14. What was the technical term for those Christians who were outside of the established church – “who from their infancy, imbibed Republican, leveling Principles”?
  15. What form of government appears to have universally existed in the earliest ages of the world, according to John Adams?
  16. What did Thomas Jefferson recommend in 1774 that drew upon the American Puritan heritage?
  17. What did patriotic clergy fear – even as the position of American troops in The Revolutionary War improved?
  18. What end-times viewpoint, of the Puritans and Jonathan Edwards, produced great hope and confidence in the future of American Republicanism?
  19. What religious group was behind the whole revolutionary “conspiracy” – at least according to Ambrose Serle, the secretary to British General Howe?
  20. What Chancellor of the Exchequer became the leader in Great Britain and planned to establish broad new taxes in the Revenue Act of 1767?
  21. What colony had a Quaker Party and a Proprietary Party, and a new anti-British Presbyterian Party that was especially concerned about an Anglican Bishop in America?
  22. What group in Britain wanted good relations with the colonies and urged Parliament to make accommodations?
  23. What was the name of Henry’s plantation home (prior to his move to Red Hill)?
  24. How did the mob persuade one Connecticut Stamp Tax collector to resign his commission?
  25. What rich Boston merchant became the bitter foe of the Massachusetts governor and the new British customs policies?
  26. Per Thomas Kidd, how did the Bishop Controversy and Quebec Act contribute to the tensions brewing in 1773-1775 between the colonies and Britain?

HIUS 512 Quiz 3

  1. What royal governor was furious about Virginia’s day of fasting and prayer (June 1, 1774) and immediately dissolved the Assembly?
  2. What prompted the Coercive Acts?
  3. What radical Massachusetts representative and patriot were responsible for the “Suffolk Resolves”?
  4. What Christian apologist influenced Jerry Falwell, teaching him to have a salt (cultural) ministry in addition to a light (evangelistic) ministry?
  5. What early Virginia Presbyterian School, established in 1775, was committed to liberty anddrewinspirationfrom17th centuryEnglishpatriots?
  6. What did St. George Tucker’s poem Liberty emphasize that wasn’t present in Henry’s” Liberty or Death” speech?
  7. What was the focus of the Boston Port Act?
  8. What royal governor tried to seize Virginia’s colonial munitions and denounced Patrick Henry as a rebel?
  9. All the following were part of the Coercive Acts EXCEPT:
  10. What best explains the focus of the “Association” for American patriots?
  11. All were true of John Adams EXCEPT:
  12. What did the colonists call the harsh acts British Parliament passed immediately after the Boston Tea Party?
  13. To what ancient orator was Henry compared?
  14. What British royal governor in Massachusetts drafted strongly imperial “Principles of law and polity” in 1764 – arguing for the absolute authority of Great Britain and the crown over the American colonies?
  15. Whose article on “The Puritan Ethic in The American Revolution” underscored “republican” themes of American fears of British corruption, fear of decadence, and fear of the decline of virtue (on which republics rested)?
  16. Whose theory about “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions” is used to explain the changes in historical interpretations and changes?
  17. What was so significant about Crispus Attucks, one of the patriots killed in the Boston Massacre?
  18. What 17th-century English political philosopher wrote “Two Treatises on Civil Government” emphasizing individual rights and property?
  19. What Massachusetts governor and influential justice supported British claims to power, pushed the issue of the Tea Act to a crisis, and was hated by Boston patriots?
  20. All were true of John Adams EXCEPT:
  21. What was the nickname of Massachusetts politicians who refused to rescind the “Circular Letter”?
  22. What denomination supported the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel?
  23. What British royal vessel was burned by a patriot group in Rhode Island in 1772?
  24. What disastrous 1779 military expedition did Paul Revere participate in, though he was charged with insubordination – although acquitted in a court martial?
  25. What Virginia clergyman sued his vestry for money in the “Parsons Cause” – leading to Henry’s famous courtroom appeal?
  26. What were some of the difficulties of the East India Company and how did they affect Britain and the American colonies?

HIUS 512 Quiz 4

  1. What American military leader would have been considered a great hero if a bullet at Saratoga had hit him in the heart?
  2. What icy river did Washington have to cross to attach the Hessians at Trenton?
  3. All were true of John Witherspoon EXCEPT:
  4. All were TRUE of Charles Lynch, a backcountry patriot leader, EXCEPT:
  5. What American political leader had been a Witherspoon student?
  6. What new British American secretary shared the king’s passion for defeating the Americans but lack the ability to coordinate military operations?
  7. What illegitimate king took over England in 1066 – providing a poor legitimacy and precedent for the monarchy – according to Paine’s “Common Sense”?
  8. What British act of 1707 was very important for Scots like Witherspoon?
  9. Whom did the diminutive David kill – an example for Witherspoon in “The Dominion of Providence” of how God protected the righteous against insurmountable odds?
  10. Why, according to Thomas Paine in “Common Sense,” did the Devil invent monarchy?
  11. Who painted the famous picture “Washington Crossing the Delaware”?
  12. To what Biblical prophet did Patrick Henry allude in the famous “Liberty or Death” speech in 1775?
  13. What great victory did Washington win after famously crossing the Delaware River in 1776?
  14. What Bible passage (“proclaim liberty throughout all the land…”) is cast into the Liberty Bell?
  15. Who was the commander of Britain’s Hessian troops at Trenton in December of 1776?
  16. What present-day college did Witherspoon serve as President for many years?
  17. What didn’t Witherspoon (in “The Dominion of Providence”) like about British ships?
  18. What denomination chartered early schools (Liberty Hall, Hampden – Sidney) which emphasized freedom and liberty?
  19. All were things Witherspoon urged American colonists to do in “The Dominion of Providence” EXCEPT:
  20. Where was John Witherspoon born?
  21. What did the fate of Charles I teach kings about power – according to Paine’s “Common Sense”?
  22. What would colonists lose, Witherspoon warned in “The Dominion of Providence,” if they gave up their civil liberties?
  23. What was the nickname of Charles Edward Stuart, the would-be king who had to flee after a bungled revolution and was helped by Flora MacDonald?
  24. What is the principle of freedom and redemption, every 50 years, built into Old Testament law?
  25. What contemporary of Oliver Cromwell was “the soul of the republican opposition to monarchial usurpation during the civil wars” — according to Witherspoon’s “The Dominion of Providence”?
  26. Why was Flora MacDonald such an important figure for an earlier generation of Americans?

HIUS 512 Quiz 5

  1. What French admiral brought a fleet to provide support for the Americans?
  2. What American general became famous for his great victory at Saratoga?
  3. At what battle did Washington attack Clinton and Cornwallis as the British were withdrawing from New Jersey in 1778?
  4. Where did British general Henry Clinton win a major victory over the Patriots in May 1780, capturing a whole army, supplies, and a key city?
  5. What French dramatist was a secret agent who dealt with the Americans
  6. What was the nickname for the German mercenaries recruited by Great Britain to fight in the Revolutionary War?
  7. Why was Jane McCrea famous in the Saratoga campaign?
  8. Where did continental troops face great suffering in winter quarters but were forged into a capable fighting force?
  9. What American diplomat diverted French aid to line his own pockets?
  10. Who took control of the “Old Northwest” – in the Ohio Valley – during frontier operations?
  11. What event prompted France to enter into an alliance with the United States?
  12. Who took over as Washington’s quartermaster, helping to fix a problem with the food supply?
  13. Where was Boone’s son Israel killed in an Indian attack in 1782 – an event that grieved him for the rest of his life?
  14. Where did Daniel Morgan fight valiantly – but get captured, in December 1775 – in a failed early operation of the war?
  15. What young American patriot was executed as a spy – famously regretting that he had “but one life” to give for his country?
  16. What did Paul Revere, Patrick Henry, and John Sevier have in common?
  17. Who suffered a disastrous defeat at Camden at the hands of British General Cornwallis in August of 1780?
  18. Why did prejudiced historians discount the obvious literacy of Andrew Jackson’s frontier-raised wife Rachel?
  19. Who surrendered his whole army and the city of Charleston to the British in May 1779?
  20. The “Bebbington Quadrilateral”, used to define evangelicalism, includes all of the following EXCEPT:
  21. What foreign commander fought bravely at Camden, although he died for the American cause?
  22. Why did Washington select Valley Forge as a winter location for his troops in the winter of 1777- 78, despite its disadvantages?
  23. What American diplomat – with his rustic looks, fur cap, and plain spectacles—immediately won the affection of the people of France?
  24. Why did 21-year-old Deborah Sampson enlist in the Continental Army (disguised as a man, she fought the British)?
  25. What critical Fort on Lake Champlain was captured by Ethan Allen in 1775 in “The name of the Great Jehovah and the Continental Congress”?
  26. Describe how the Americans won a great victory at Saratoga.

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