Buy Guided HIWD 370 Reading Quiz 1

Buy Guided HIWD 370 Reading Quiz 1

  1. How did Nubia become the independent African state that emerged at the end of the second millennium B.C.E.?
  2. The Law of Manu describes women’s complete subordination to men in ancient India.
  3. The Phoenicians
  4. The inhabitants of Harappan culture left no written record.
  5. Homo sapiens means
  6. What happened during the reign of Akhenaten?
  7. “The Rule of the Fishes” refers to the
  8. What was the name given to the Nile delta, about one hundred miles from the Mediterranean?
  9. What ultimately contributed to the weakening of the Persian Empire?
  10. What were the three “twice-born” castes?
  11. Cyrus the Great created an empire that
  12. Which people created the first Mesopotamian civilization?
  13. On a practical level, what function did the notion of reincarnation serve?
  14. What was true of marriage in ancient India?
  15. What did Mesopotamians believe about the forces that controlled the world?
  16. According to the textbook, Homo sapiens evolved about 250,000 years ago.
  17. Gautama said that the way to avoid suffering was to end desire by
  18. Giza was the second-largest pyramid.
  19. Unlike Mesopotamia’s rivers, the flooding of Egypt’s Nile was gradual and usually predictable, and the river was seen as life-enhancing rather than life-threatening.
  20. The Indo-Europeans
  21. According to the textbook, during the Old Stone Age,
  22. According to the textbook, what was one of the most significant consequences of the Neolithic agricultural revolution?
  23. The third-ranked caste, usually viewed as the merchant caste, was the
  24. In addition to Mesopotamia and Egypt, other nearby areas in which significant human advances were made included
  25. Without it, the emergence of Mesopotamian civilization might not have been possible.
  26. According to the textbook, paleolithic men and women both helped gather foods such as berries and nuts and hunt animals for meat.
  27. Which of the following was a set of commentaries on the Vedas that emphasized spiritual meditation?
  28. Under what conditions could a man legitimately take a second wife in ancient India?
  29. What do archeologists believe about the Harappan civilization?
  30. Harappan civilization evolved along the Ganges River.

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