Buy Guided Liberty BUSI 430 Exam 2

Buy Guided Liberty BUSI 430 Exam 2


  • Which is present when consumers begin to think of an advertisement as old or stale?
  • The media budget schedule that maintains some minimal level of advertising at all times during the year, but increases advertising at periodic intervals is:
  • In a fear appeal, vulnerability is the degree of potential physical, social, or psychological harm that can occur.
  • When a company introduces a new product under a strongly established brand name, the length of time to reach the threshold point where advertising becomes effective is normally longer.
  • Normally every company that asks to be considered for an advertising campaign will prepare a creative pitch as part of the application.
  • Visual elements of an advertisement are stored in:
  • Crowdsourcing is the process of:
  • Ads that were rated as highly controversial in terms of sexual content by both males and females:
  • Typical person spokespeople do not have the name recognition of celebrities, and as a result
  • Based on recency theory, the best media strategy for a firm advertising lawn mowers would be to:
  • Client budgets for advertising have exceeded the increase in the costs of advertising time and space.
  • Advertising in newspapers offers each of the following advantages except:
  • In selecting an advertising agency, the request for a creative pitch should occur after the:
  • To be successful, humor used in ads should be connected directly to the product’s benefits.
  • All of the following are examples of advertising goals except:
  • The primary benefit of using a scarcity appeal is that it:
  • A Campbell’s Soup advertisement is designed to support the launch of a new type of soup and to tell consumers about a special sweepstakes that is tied into the launch. The advertising goal of this advertisement is to:
  • Which step immediately follows awareness and knowledge in the hierarchy of effects model?
  • Reach represents the number of people, households, or businesses in a target market exposed to a message at least once during a given time period.
  • The authoritative execution works well in:
  • Women tend to respond more favorably to the use of overt sexuality in advertisements than they do to the use of sensuality.
  • In the hierarchy of effects model, after preference comes:
  • Among the following ad campaigns, frequency would be highest for second television spots.
  • According to a survey by Adweek Media and Harris Interactive, 55 percent of consumers said ads were:
  • Emotional appeals are popular because:
  • Declining sales led the producers of S.O.S. scrubbing pads to advertise in women’s magazines. The person most likely to provide this suggestion would be the:
  • A media strategy is the process of:
  • The average person encounters more than 800 advertisements per day.
  • Currently, over half of all business advertising dollars are spent:
  • Visual elements of an advertisement are stored in the brain as:

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