Buy Guided Liberty EVAN 101 Testimony Paper Answers

Buy Guided Liberty EVAN 101 Testimony Paper Answers

In Module/Week 2, you will be required to submit a testimony paper using 1 of 2 options.

  • Option A: If you profess to be “saved” as defined by this course, you will write your testimony of salvation.
  • Option B: If you do not profess to be “saved” as defined by this course, you will share your opinion of the salvation beliefs defined in this course.

Liberty University’s Biblical Position on Salvation:

You must cognitively accept 4 facts:

  1. Agree with God regarding your sinful state
  2. Believe that Jesus is God
  3. Believe that Jesus’ sacrifice was the only sufficient sacrifice to atone for your sin
  4. Believe that Jesus physically rose from the dead, thereby proving that He can conquer both physical and spiritual death.

You must accept the truth volitionally. Believing volitionally is an act of the will and it is total dependence and trust in Jesus Christ. At the moment of receiving salvation, the heart will experience these realities:

  1. Your heart will have remorse over sin.
  2. Your heart will repent for your sin.
  3. You will request salvation from sin.

Your paper must not exceed 1 ½ pages and it must not be shorter than 1 page. Such brevity is designed to help you present your testimony concisely and effectively. It is concise because there may be times when you only have a moment to share your faith. It is effective because you will have to narrow your testimony to include the most essential elements of sharing your faith with an unbeliever. All parts of your story are important, and God will use all of your stories to reach a variety of people. But for this assignment, the focus must be on the unbeliever. After reading or hearing your story, will he/she know why and how to receive salvation?


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